Apple released iOS 15, which added new features and brought a lot of suffering for those who are trying to figure out how to unlock the activation of the iPhone since many popular programs do not support the latest version of the system. In this material, we will talk about a simple way that will help to return access to a vaporated smartphone.

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The Activation lock status, which we will bypass, means that the smartphone is already linked to your Apple ID account, and you will not be able to use it or make any changes until you log in to the specified account and exit it in the settings. Simply put, without a password, nothing can be done unless you bypass the activation of the iPhone in another way.

Just note that there are chances of success only if you are ready to sacrifice the data stored in the device’s memory and configure it as new. To do this, we will use the program PassFab Activation Unlocker. It is available for Windows and macOS but does not work with all smartphones, but only models from iPhone 5S to iPhone X on iOS 12 and later (up to the current version, which is iOS 15).

1. Download and install the program on your computer, and then make sure that you have activated the license to access all functions.

2. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a Lightning cable and launch the Activation Unlocker.

3. On the home screen, select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock.”

4. Confirm your agreement with the terms of use of the program and click “Next.”

5. Make sure that the smartphone trusts the computer (use a passcode or Face ID / Touch ID).

6. Next, the process is slightly different depending on the operating system of the computer. On the Mac, the checkra1n utility will run and guide you through the entire process of flashing the device. The Windows version, due to the features of the OS, will require the creation of a bootable flash drive for jailbreaking.

In both cases, you will only need to follow simple on-screen instructions to enter the smartphone into DFU mode and jailbreak the device.

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When the smartphone restarts, you will be able to complete the activation reset through the PassFab utility. And that’s it: you successfully bypassed the lock and returned access to the smartphone.

Please note: the only way to bypass activation lock without a previous owner or password is to jailbreak so that you will lose all data on the device during the unlocking process. Also, you will not be able to use a SIM card and log in to your Apple ID in the settings, but you will still have access to Wi-Fi (and hence the ability to write messages and call through instant messengers) and full access to the App Store to buy and download content.


PassFab Activation Unlocker is a fast and straightforward assistant when it is impossible to activate the iPhone by standard methods (password recovery from Apple ID, contacting Apple technical support or the previous owner, etc.). It provides detailed Russian-language instructions, with which it will not be difficult to untie the smartphone from the account.

There are a couple of cons. First, you will not be able to save the previously saved data on the device (but you can leave a backup if you can suddenly remember the password). Secondly, to use all the program features, you will need a license, the cost of which starts from $39 (Windows) or $45 (macOS). However, the license is not limited by the number of applications on a particular device, so you can again use the software without surcharge if you accidentally restart the smartphone or otherwise reset the firmware, which is why the activation lock will return. You will again have to untie the iPhone from the old Apple ID.


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