In this article, we will learn on How to run iOS on a computer.

Do you know what proprietary means? As a rule, this term is applied to the so-called non-free software, the right to use, copy and modify, which the developer reserves himself. iOS is a prime example of proprietary software. Apple not only prohibits any modification of its OS but also does not open access to it for competing manufacturers, preferring to use it alone. Nevertheless, many would really like to run iOS on a computer and other devices, and for some time now, this has become possible.

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How to run iOS on a computer?
How to run iOS on a computer?
How to run iOS on a computer?

You can run iOS on a computer, but it won’t work exactly as you think.

Corellium Studio, which deals with hardware and software virtualization, has offered a toolkit for running an iOS image on computers. In fact, such a thing existed before but was available only to a limited circle of corporate users. As a rule, developers or researchers in cybersecurity were addicted to the virtual version of iOS. But now, the OS image has become available to ordinary users who can buy an individual subscription to access the emulation tools. With Corellium Studio, you can run iOS on a computer.

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How to run iOS on a computer?

Corellium allows you to run iOS on computers through its servers, and it’s not cheap. One core will have to pay $99 per month.

The subscription for access to a virtual copy of iOS that can be run on a computer is charged due to the process’s resource intensity. The developers decided to make life easier for users and offered to emulate the operating system on their own servers. However, payment is made not for copies but for emulation’s kernels. Their number may vary depending on the version for which device is emulated on the computer. If it’s an iPhone 7, then only 2 cores are needed, and if it’s an iPhone 11, then 6.

It is important to understand that iOS emulation on a computer does not replace the original operating system installed from the factory. That is, you should not rely on the fact that the mobile platform will ensure the performance of a desktop or laptop, as it happens when using Parallels Desktop or BootCamp. After all, the main purpose of iOS emulation is primarily for research. Developers get the opportunity to test their software and information security researchers – to identify existing vulnerabilities. Thus allowing a user to run iOS on a computer.

How to run iOS on a computer? Step by step guide.

1. Sign-up on Corellium official website. You can start with a trial account here.

2. Create a new device on Corellium.

3. Select a device.

4. Choose the version of your OS.

5. Confirm your details and click Create Device.

6. Choose the Boot options.

7. Wait for Corellium to create your device.

8. Wait for program execution. See the snapshot below for reference.

Why are there no iOS computers?

iOS on the computer will look something like this!

iOS would not be able to run a computer in the same way as a smartphone for several reasons:

  • First, there is hardware incompatibility (at least with x86 computers);
  • Secondly, the initial focus on touch control;
  • Thirdly, iOS is still a closed OS, and it’s easier to emulate it than to make it work on a device that was not intended for this;
  • Fourthly, Apple adapts iOS for specific hardware from the very beginning, so it will not be possible to achieve the same efficiency and security from it on unadapted devices.

It is quite ironic that Apple strongly opposes even such a seemingly harmless phenomenon as iOS emulation. Late last year, the company sued Corellium for copyright infringement because it emulates and distributes iOS images for commercial purposes. However, the court concluded that there is fair use, and Corellium does not pay Apple a fine but can continue to do what it did.

Conclusion: How to run iOS on a computer?

I hope this article has cleared some of your doubts about running and iOS on a computer. Suppose you face any issues on How to run iOS on a computer. Do share your queries in the comment section below.

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