In this article, we will share the links to Download macOS X Tiger 10.4 DMG & ISO File for Virtualbox and VMWare.

Mac OS X Tiger, released by Apple in 2005, introduced several features and enhancements that contributed to the evolution of the Mac operating system. Here are some key features of Mac OS X Tiger:


  • Spotlight was introduced as a powerful search tool that allowed users to quickly locate files, applications, and information across the entire system.

Dashboard and Widgets:

  • Dashboard introduced a new layer that housed small, single-purpose applications called widgets, providing users with quick access to information such as weather, stocks, and more.

Safari RSS:

  • Safari, the web browser, was enhanced with the addition of RSS feed support, allowing users to subscribe to and read web feeds directly in the browser.
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  • Automator provided a visual interface for automating repetitive tasks, enabling users to create workflows without the need for programming knowledge.

Core Image and Core Video:

  • Core Image and Core Video frameworks were introduced, allowing developers to leverage advanced graphics and video processing capabilities in their applications.

Smart Folders:

  • Smart Folders allowed users to create dynamic folders that automatically updated based on specified search criteria, making it easier to organize and access files.

QuickTime 7:

  • QuickTime 7 brought enhanced video compression and support for H.264 video, contributing to improved video playback and quality.

Fast User Switching:

  • Tiger introduced Fast User Switching, enabling users to switch between different user accounts without logging out, providing a more seamless multitasking experience.

Xcode 2:

  • Xcode 2, the integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac developers, was introduced with improvements in coding and debugging tools.

iChat AV with Video Conferencing:

  • iChat AV received enhancements, including support for video conferencing and the ability to conduct multi-person video chats.
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Unified Font Management:

  • Tiger introduced a unified font management system, making it easier for users to organize and manage fonts across applications.

Improved Printing and Faxing:

  • Printing and faxing capabilities were improved, offering better performance and more options for users.

Mac OS X Tiger represented a significant step forward in the evolution of macOS, introducing features that enhanced user productivity, multimedia experiences, and developer capabilities.

Download macOS X Tiger ISO & DMG File

Download macOS X Tiger 10.4 DMG & ISO File for Virtualbox and VMWare

This article is about how to download macOS X Tiger 10.4 DMG & ISO File for VMWare and Virtualbox.

Download macOS X Tiger 10.4 DMG & ISO File

The macOS X Tiger 10.4 ISO file is a disk image file that can be mounted and used as a regular disk drive on any Mac computer with the Mac OS X operating system installed. The ISO file can be burned to a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and used in the same way as the DMG file.

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The macOS X Tiger 10.4 DMG & ISO File is around 2.46 GB in size. Download the Internet Download Manager tool and it will allow you to download big files in equal amounts of time without breaking your connection.

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I hope you were able to download macOS X Tiger 10.4 DMG & ISO File. If you face any issues, please comment down below.


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