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In today’s discussion, we will focus on determining the appropriate playing style to adopt when operating on the flanks. Let’s start with why wing play is so important and why we need it. In some cases, players do not realize they are only using one field area to advance. Stuck in the center is the most significant indicator of this. You run the ball toward the center and try to break through, but it becomes difficult as soon as you run into a player who tends to defend very narrowly and covers the center well. This is the main reason why you need a broader approach. You are not limited to the central zone but also use the space on both the left and right sides when attacking. We are going to look at five different options for how to set up an attack.

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Start of movement

The penetration of the wingers into the opponent’s defense and their running behind the defensive line are crucial. You can use the left bumper button to force your winger to run while you point the direction with the left analog stick to initiate one or two passes and send them behind the defensive line. Be sure to keep an eye on the fatigue bar of your flank players. Your team should have several players for each position for the best result. In this case, you will be able to make substitutions promptly and maintain a high pace of play on the flanks. Furthermore, it is crucial to remain mindful of the opposing team’s defensive strategies, including their chosen scheme and their tactics’ specific strengths and weaknesses. It will be equally important to study the opponent’s players, we are looking for vulnerable areas so that our fast players can run away from the opponent’s defense and create a scoring chance.

Pulling defenders aside

Once you successfully initiate movement on the wing, posing a threat to the opponent, they will be compelled to respond accordingly. Consequently, they will likely assign at least one defender to counter your advances. Drawing defenders to that side creates openings in the center or on the opposite flank. Therefore, executing a swift ball reversal after pulling them out of position can present excellent opportunities to launch a dynamic offensive maneuver. It should not be forgotten that for the most effective use of this tactic, you need the best players with good passing, as well as fast wingers.

The movement inside the box

If you want to create danger directly by the winger and take this character one on one with the defender, the first thing to do is to pass to get past the defender. This will mostly come in handy when the opponents run too much in their defense, especially toward the goal line. Opponents will not expect you to change direction and you can create a goal-scoring opportunity for yourself or a teammate who is in or near the box. Here we start with 1-2 passes, wait for our cornerback to take the optimal place, cover the ball, and give this player a pass. Subsequently, observing the opponent’s movement becomes essential, particularly when they are closing in on our ball carrier. This analysis enables us to determine how best to capitalize on the space they inadvertently create. By executing a straightforward pass, we effectively evade their pressure, swiftly transferring the ball to an unmarked teammate. This allows us to change direction swiftly, advance toward the goal, and ultimately score.

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Passes to the edge of the box

Send your winger straight to the end line of the goal area. Again, the opponent’s defensive strategy plays a huge role here. If a defender thinks you will run behind the defender, the opponent will be forced to stop to control the offside line constantly. You can use the element of surprise and speed up to the goal line, creating a very effective pass chance that ends with an easy goal. With this maneuver, if you manage to deceive the defense, you will create a numerical advantage in the penalty area and will be able to bring your player into the opponent’s empty net.

Long pass to the flank

Last but not least, passing the ball is sometimes very effective, especially on the counterattack, if the defense is not properly prepared for an instant interception and you have an open player. If you see an open player on the open field on the flank, do not hesitate to press the pass button and send your team on a fast attack. Here we have an advantage over the defender who needs to cover a lot of space. We could try to dribble further or pass the ball to a closer player, but both options are dangerous, as the opposing player can make a tackle, or you can slow down the attack with too many small passes.

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FIFA 23 is a great game with 76 score points on Metacritic. Wing play is a crucial aspect of this game, offering teams a broader approach to attacking and breaking through a well-organized defense. By implementing these tactics intelligently teams can unlock the potential of their flank players and elevate their overall performance on the field.


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