Slot gaming is on the rise. It is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular gaming genres. 

Online casino gaming has played an important part in the rise and success of slot gaming. Nowadays, gamers can access slot games online from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. 

However, the market is now so flooded with options that many new players feel intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect of slot gaming. 

This article will offer a step-by-step guide to help individuals pick the right slot game for them.

How to pick the right slot game?

The following steps will help individuals start their gaming journey. 

1.     Gaming profile

To pick the right slot game, it is important for a gamer to know themselves. This means they should know or try to find out what they like and what they need in a game.

New players should think about what they like in terms of: 

  • theme 
  • visuals 
  • pace and length of the game 
  • storyline 
  • sound design 
  • gaming options (single player, multiplayer, offline, online…). 

However, it is normal for new gamers not to know what they like. A good solution is to try out different free games offered by online casinos. 

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These free games are usually accessible without any deposit or real money.

Gamers will simply have to register with the online casino by providing their email address and some personal information. 

Then, they can log in and access the casino’s free games.

Because free games are simple and easy to access, gamers can open accounts at different online casinos. 

Trying out as many games as possible at different online casinos will help new gamers find their gaming profile.

Gamers should note that free games might also be referred to as demo versions or demo games. 

They should also read the terms and conditions of each casino to understand how they can access its free games. 

2.     Think about visuals, theme and hidden features

Some gamers love games with incredible visual design and sound design. Others prioritize themes or storylines before visuals. 

Again, it is important for gamers to know what they prefer in order to find the right game for them. However, a game’s hidden features should also be considered and taken into account. 

Hidden features might include bonus rounds, wild cards and free spins that can include multipliers.

Gamers can usually find out whether a game has advantageous hidden features before playing. They can do so by looking at a game’s description online. 

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New gamers can also look for the game’s reviews and ratings left by other players. By looking at other gamers’ experiences players can find out whether a game offers a memorable and enjoyable experience or not. 

3.     RTPs and slot machine mechanisms 

RTPs and the mechanisms of the game’s slot machine are also important aspects to consider. 

RTP stands for Return to Player. It is a percentage that tells players how much they can expect to make back on their initial deposit.

In short, the higher the RTP the more money players will usually earn back on their initial deposit. 

Readers should note that in order for the RTP to be accurate, a gamer would have to play a considerable number of times on said slot machine. 

Other slot mechanisms to bear in mind include the games’ volatility (e.g. high, medium to low), the number of paylines, the payout options and the type of jackpot available.

For example, a game with medium to low volatility will be more constant in its payouts. A game with higher volatility will usually offer bigger jackpots but these will be more unpredictable and volatile. 

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New players should usually opt for a game that has a high RTP, a high amount of pay lines, and low to medium volatility. 

This will ease them into their slot gaming journey. They will have the opportunity to play and practice without losing considerable amounts of money from the very start. 

4.     The right casino provider 

Picking the right slot game is also about picking the right casino provider. Both go hand in hand. 

New gamers should opt for a gaming provider with: 

  • great reviews 
  • a secure platform (encrypted
  • a third-party, well-known and established company, to handle sensitive information such as credit card details 
  • a comfortable gaming platform 
  • a great selection of games 
  • good customer service

Most casino providers will have interesting and advantageous welcome promotions for new customers. These are great ways to try out more games and find the right slot game. 

Final thoughts

This article provided a beginner’s guide to slot gaming. By following these tips, new players will have a wonderful, hassle-free, and enjoyable gaming experience. 


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