Experiencing the frustrating issue of your iPhone 14 Pro Max frozen and won’t turn off? Well, the good news is that you’re not alone, as it’s a pretty common occurrence. But of course, the unresponsiveness of your device needs a quick resolution so you can start using your phone smoothly, just like before.

If you find yourself in a position where your iPhone 14 Pro Max is frozen and won’t switch off, it might be irritating and alarming. However, there are measures you can do to address this issue and bring your gadget back to regular functioning. It’s crucial to handle this condition swiftly to avoid any more complications.

Commonly caused by software glitches, internal memo bugs, using faulty accessories, or misapplied protectors, the iPhone 14 frozen problem can be resolved with a few simple methods. So let’s not waste more time and directly get into various ways on how to unfreeze iPhone 14 Pro Max, so you regain complete control of your device again.

What Causes My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won’t Turn Off?

There’s not one but several reasons why your iPhone may suddenly freeze and won’t turn off. Here are some common culprits to discuss:

1. Software Update Bug

Soon after iPhone 14 Pro Max was released into the market, Apple reported a software update bug in the device’s internal memory. This might be one of the potential reasons behind the freezing glitch in your device.

2. Data Transfer Bug

As you purchase a new iPhone device, you will definitely transfer data to it from your old mobile phone. Chances are high that a data transfer bug may freeze your iPhone during this setup because of unknown reasons. 

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3. Using Faulty Accessories

Sometimes using faulty accessories or cables on your iPhone can also be the culprit, leading to a frozen device, which may even hinder its turning-off feature.

4. Wrong or Unclear Screen Protectors

Rarely, wrong or unclear screen protectors on your iPhone may lead to freezing issues. But how? Sometimes when they’re misapplied, protectors can alter the normal functionality of a device’s touch screen, eventually leading it to get frozen for unpredictable periods.

How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won’t Turn Off? (Works for iPhone 14/14 Pro Max/13/12/11/X)

Method 1: Check Your iPhone Screen Protector and Keep it Clean

One common culprit for the iPhone 14 frozen screen is a faulty or dirty protector. It’s wise to check your iPhone screen protector and clean it, as this might help resolve the problem.

Here’s how to check your iPhone screen protector and keep it clean:

  • First up, inspect the screen protector on your iPhone 14 Pro Max. Look for any visible damage, like cracks, bubbles, or peeling edges.
  • If you notice any damage, remove the protector.
  • Now, gently wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth or a specific screen cleaning solution.

If the problem was due to the screen protector, the iPhone 14 Pro Max frozen and won’t turn off issue will instantly resolve.

Method 2: Charge Your iPhone with the Appropriate Cables and Accessories

When your iPhone 14 Pro Max becomes frozen and unresponsive, one effective solution is to charge it using the appropriate cables and accessories.

Here are the short steps to fix your frozen iPhone 14 Pro Max that won’t turn off:

  • Use the original charging cable and adapter.
  • Connect your iPhone to a power source.
  • Let it charge for a few minutes.
  • Perform a force restart by pressing volume up and volume down and then holding the side button until the Apple logo appears.
  • If it doesn’t work, continue charging for at least 30 minutes.
  • Try turning it off with the help of the side button.

Method 3: Use the Third-Party Repair Tool- ReiBoot, without Data Loss

Reiboot – iOS system repair is currently the best iPhone recovery mode repair tool that’s available for free. You can refer to its exceptional feature to understand how it works:

  • Allows straightforward entry and exit in recovery mode.
  • Besides frozen iPhones, this program can resolve more than 150 iPhone-related glitches.
  • Allows you to update or downgrade iOS 17 beta without jailbreaking
  • It lets you reset your iPhone without Finder or iTunes app
  • Supports all iPhone models and OS versions
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Steps to fix iPhone frozen and won’t turn off the issue with Reiboot are given as follows:

Step #1: Launch Reiboot on your computer and also connect your iPhone to it.

Step #2: Once the system recognizes your device, select Fix Now to use this recovery tool.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023

Step #3: Select Standard Repair and make sure you give a thorough read to the note that appears on your screen to ensure a successful process. Finally, click on Standard Repair to proceed.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023

Note: In case your device fails to get recognized, Reiboot will help you fix this issue. If the problem still persists, try DFU mode, which can be found on the screen’s bottom.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023

Step #4: Now, Download the firmware package. This step may take some extra time considering its higher GB data.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023

Step #5: Once the download finishes, click on Start Standard Recovery to begin the process. Let the system recover, which may take some time.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023

After that, your iPhone will automatically reboot without data loss.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023

For a visual guide on how to use ReiBoot, you can watch this video:

Method 4: Hard Restart Your iPhone

A frozen iPhone means you won’t be able to turn it off at all. However, you can still hard restart it following a few easy steps, and this method is likely to fix the entire issue. Here’s how to turn off frozen iPhone by hard restart method.

[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023
  • Press the volume up button on your iPhone and release it in a second. Do the same for the volume down button.
  • Now press and hold your device’s side button.
  • Don’t release the side button unless you see the Apple logo appearing on your device.

Method 5: Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

Another method that lets you resolve the iPhone 14 Pro Max frozen and won’t turn off issue is putting your device into recovery mode. However, for this, you must have access to your Mac that’s up to date. Also, you need to ensure the iTunes version also aligns with its latest update.

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For further steps, follow the below guide:

  • Open the Finder app on your Mac if you’re using the device with Catalina OS. In the case of Mojave OS or PC, you’ll need to launch iTunes to proceed further.
  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac.
  • On your iPhone, press and release the volume up and down buttons one after another. Then, hold the side button and wait until the recovery mode pops up.
  • Now look for your device on your Mac. It will display two options: Restore or Update. You need to select Update so the Mac starts installing software on your phone without harming any of your stored data.
  • Once the update is completed, you can finally set up your device.

Method 6: Backup and Factory Reset Your iPhone

As we stated, software update bugs can lead to the iPhone 14 frozen issue. Fortunately, you can resolve it via factory resetting your device. Before that, make sure you’ve backed up all the data to not lose any important files.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that may help:

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone and select your Apple ID.
  • Click on iCloud > iCloud Backup and check its box.
  • Make sure you select Back Up Now to ensure all the data on your device can be restored safely after a factory reset.
[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023
  • Go back to Settings and select the General tab.
[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023
  • Select Transfer or Reset iPhone and then Erase All Content and Settings.
[Solved] How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won't Turn Off? 2023
  • Click Continue to proceed.

Note: Step#4,5, and 6 doesn’t guarantee 100% results and may even lead to data loss. So make sure you back up all the important files before proceeding.

Method 7: Contact Apple Support

Although it’s rare, sometimes none of the above methods works. This scenario indicates a problem with your device’s hardware that needs to be fixed by an expert. You can contact Apple Support for this purpose or visit any nearby store to get the required help.

Bottom Line

Having to cope with a frozen iPhone 14 Pro Max that won’t power off can be a major pain. However, if you follow the aforementioned troubleshooting methods, you should be able to improve the device’s operation and maybe fix the problem.

Minor software or hardware issues are generally resolved by beginning with fundamental troubleshooting techniques, such as a hard restart of your iPhone and a check for physical damage or blockages. Preventative practices that can help avoid such issues in the future include making sure your device has enough battery life and running the most recent software.

So here you have it: How to Fix My iPhone 14 Pro Max Frozen and Won’t Turn Off? There are maximum chances that you will end up resolving this problem following the methods outlined in our comprehensive guide. If not, the problem may lie in your device’s hardware, so get it fixed by an expert at Apple Store.


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