The Touch Bar of the latest MacBooks may crash and no longer responds to commands. Here’s How to fix Touch Bar freeze.

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How to fix Touch Bar freeze

Touch Bar not responding to your commands: How to fix Touch Bar freeze?

The Touch Bar has dominated the top of the MacBook keyboard for several years now, replacing the physical function keys. We have become accustomed to it now, even though many people are still unseeded.

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It is a long OLED screen, controlled by a dedicated chip T2. Like any component managed by software, this may have bugs, and in some cases, these cause the touch bar itself to freeze.

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Basically, despite pressing the keys on the bar, the mac does not take the command, and therefore it is not even possible to raise or lower the volume or brightness.

I don’t want Apple to remove the Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro, do you?

How to fix Touch Bar freeze?

The solution is still simple: open the Activity Monitor app, located in the Applications’ Utility folder.

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How to fix Touch Bar freeze

Once opened, simply select the “All Jobs” item from the View menu, and then search for “touch” in the upper right field:

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How to fix Touch Bar freeze

Now let’s select the last entry, “TouchBarServer,” and then the X’s key in the upper left.

How to fix Touch Bar freeze

Selecting “Forced Quit” will restart the server that controls the Touch Bar, and as a result, it will return fully operational. You won’t have to restart the entire MacBook.

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Conclusion: How to fix Touch Bar freeze?

I hope the process of How to fix Touch Bar freeze was simple and you were able to make it fully functional again. Feel free to comment any other issues that you would like us to cover.


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