Hush for Safari: What is it? How it can be used to block a cookie in Safari?

Perhaps many of you don’t even know that in 2018 the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. This is a by-law that has unified the protection of personal data of Internet users. The result of the regulation’s adoption was the appearance in social networks and services of a tool for downloading the entire amount of user data that they have at their disposal and ubiquitous notifications from sites about consent to collecting cookies. But if the appearance of the first pleased many, the latter eventually began to enrage. I tell you how to get rid of them.

How to block a cookie in Safari? Hush for Safari {Easy Guide}
Hush for Safari

The cookie collection notifications on the sites you visit every day are annoying.

Almost all sites today send requests to collect cookies. Firstly, they comply with the requirements of European laws, ensuring themselves the opportunity to host European users, and, secondly, they act honestly, inviting visitors to choose whether to share cookies or not. Caring and law-abidingness are good. Another thing is that some sites have obvious problems with cookie processing, and they request them constantly, even if you open them daily. Of course, this must be dealt with somehow.

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How to disable the request for cookies in Safari?

Hush for Safari

Some sites are mediocre cookies and ask permission to use them all the time.

You can block notifications that ask you to access cookies with a very simple Hush for Safari app. This is not even so much an application as an extension for Safari because it works completely passively and does not have a single active function.

Hush for Safari

Hush for Safari can only be enabled in iOS settings.

  • At the very top, select “Content Blocking Rules”;
  • In the window that opens, enable the Hush for Safari item.

Be careful; there are two Content Blocking Rules tabs in Safari’s Preferences. One refers to the entire browser, and the second refers to individual sites. We need the first one, which is at the very top in the “Basic” subsection. Don’t get confused.

Should I block cookies?

Hush for Safari

Hush for Safari will help you block annoying notifications without turning off cookies for those sites you have already allowed to work with them.

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It is important to understand that disabling notifications in Safari using a freshly installed browser extension, although convenient in its essence, prevents further work with cookies. That is, you will not be able to allow the site you are opening to collect cookies. To some, this may seem like a completely unnecessary action, but from experience, I can say that cookies are quite a convenient and useful thing. At least if you are not paranoid. Cookies make sites easier to use by letting them adapt to you, as odd as it sounds right now. It’s a shame that Hush for Safari doesn’t allow you to assign site exceptions.

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Once you enable Hush for Safari in settings, you no longer need to interact with this application in any way. Therefore, you can hide it somewhere far away or hide it from the desktop altogether. We have already described how exactly to do this in a separate article – by the way, read it. It is exciting and useful. It describes as many as five ways to get rid of applications. Well, if you need to roll everything back, follow the instructions above in reverse order.


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