Enough time has already passed since the moment when Diablo 4 finally appeared, not in the form of MBT, but a full-fledged released project that awaits all fans of the continuation of the famous dark fantasy on Blizzard servers.

If you skipped the testing stage and didn’t decide on the main character to start the game – no problem, in this guide we will analyze all 5 current classes, their pros and cons and make a choice.

It is worth clarifying that each class is suitable for playing both alone and as part of a group and has a wide range of skills for effective pumping, but since you have to go through all the acts several times on an ever-increasing difficulty in order to gain access to high-level content, you may need a diablo 4 boosting service from a professional service.

How to choose the right game class in Diablo 4

Game classes

There are a total of 5 playable classes available for you to choose from in Diablo 4. Some of them will not be unusual for fans of previous Diablo games, and some classes are a combination of others. Most likely, new characters will be added in the future, but at the moment there are only 5 types of heroes available, ready to challenge the evil of the other world.

You can choose:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Barbarian
  • Mage
  • Druid
  • Necromancer

Demon Hunter

In Diablo 4, this is the implementation of two successful classes from the second part – the assassin and the Amazon. This is a potential shooter and dagger depending on which build you want to choose. You can even go down two paths at once, taking a little from each of them, but you will also have to carry twice as much equipment and change it depending on the circumstances, losing the maximum potential in each of them – it’s just worth remembering.

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You can be an archer and deal strong physical damage from normal attacks and mass skills, or a dagger and a master of disguise, shelters and the same master of explosive physical damage, but in close combat.


The Barbarian is a melee warrior who can effectively wield any type of weapon and use his special rage stat to boost basic skills and use the Berserk skill, which will greatly increase the attack potential for a short period of time.

You will be able to qualitatively use any type of weapon, even non-profile one, dividing it effectively due to the special talent of the barbarian. When you attack any target, you charge the weapon you are holding, making it 10% stronger.

Thanks to the new mechanics, you can now customize which weapon will be used for a particular skill. The system will put on weapons to attack and take off when the blow has already been struck.

The barbarian uses a rage stat that fills up when attacking and taking damage. The gauge is used up quickly, so the barbarian is effective for short fights, but his resources are enough to win opponents and enemies over such a period. The rest of the time will be harder, but if you survive, the berserker will recharge and the fight will continue with a vengeance.

Thanks to builds and talents, you can greatly increase the Berserk skill, but increase the amount of rage needed to activate it – the build is very profitable, unless of course you decide to follow this particular path of character development.


An elemental master and master of magic who uses his skills to deal massive damage to both single and multiple targets.

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The mage class itself has several drawbacks, which, however, are compensated by its damage, but it is also worth remembering about them.

Weak physical protection – the magician is very vulnerable in close combat and he must always keep his distance so as not to die in the first minutes of the battle, whether it be a monster or another player.

Mana Dependence – The mage must constantly generate mana, otherwise he will not be able to generate procasts. The character can land a couple of hits and remove the threat of death from himself, but for this he must always have a full mana bar.

Enemy resistances – the further you go through the story and open new levels of difficulty and battles against other players, the sooner you will encounter enemy resistance from your attacks. That is why magicians rarely follow one build and school of magic – it is much more efficient to study two directions at once and reduce the likelihood of colliding with an enemy who will have full resistance to your attacks.

You can go the lightning path to deal the most damage in the range of 1, and sometimes it really will be one health point taken from the enemy.

Path of Cold will give you the ability to hold enemies in place and slow their movement and attack.

Path of Fire will give increased damage that will spread and deal additional damage from the burning effect as well.


A druid is a representative of the summoner classes, with a focus on the light and dealing with the spirits of the forest.

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You will be able to summon animals that will fight on your side and attack the enemy from different distances and deal damage at close range, absorbing damage.

You yourself will be able to change your appearance into a bear, or a wolf.

The wolf is a maneuverable species that allows you to significantly increase the movement speed of your character and use it for maneuvers in locations and retreat.

The bear has increased defense and attack power, but cannot boast of attack speed, and is very clumsy.

How to choose the right game class in Diablo 4


The strongest and relatively simple class for beginners and those who like to play as dark magicians and debuffers with the ability to create their own army, albeit a dead one.

The necromancer manipulates the power of darkness, essence and corpses to create his own army of the dead to send them to fight on his side.

You can summon skeletons, golems, or lich mages. All three creatures have their pros and cons, and can absorb damage and deal it back in melee and ranged combat with enemies.

When a creature dies next to you, your corpse scale begins to fill up, and given the number of monsters in the Diablo universe, you will always have a source of replenishment.

You will get the essence at the expense of your own skills and attacks.

Keep in mind that the necromancer is vulnerable like the wizard, so avoid contact fights – if you die, your entire army will die.

Combine skills to summon an army of creatures and negative effects to personally defeat act bosses and simply strong monsters with your combination of skills and with the help of your minions.


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