Even though iPhones are slower to charge wirelessly than cable, many people still prefer this charging method. Firstly, it is convenient – I put my iPhone down, and it is charging, and if someone calls, you can quickly pick up the phone and not try to disconnect the cable. Secondly, so the charging connector wears out less. Well, it’s just beautiful, especially if you choose a beautiful wireless charger for these purposes. How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? There are many options in stores. Let us share a few of our best picks of Wireless Charger for iPhone.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio goes on sale

Wireless Charger for iPhone
Wireless Charger for iPhone

Choose smart wireless charging.

What kind of wireless charging does the iPhone support?

Apple first introduced wireless charging in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Since then, the company has added the feature to every generation of iPhones, including the lower-end second-generation iPhone SE. At first, the iPhone had support for wireless charging. Only 5W, and after the release of iOS 11.2 appeared to support at 7.5 W.

Apple didn’t change the maximum wireless charging power until the iPhone 12 – even the iPhone 11 Pro Max only supports 7.5W Wireless charging. iPhone 12 wireless charging power has been increased to 15W (almost doubled), but … only with the original MagSafe accessory. That is, the iPhone 12 and other new iPhones can “receive” 15 watts from a charging accessory (there are many Qi-devices with such parameters). Fast charging will only be available using the MagSafe standard.

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Which iPhone Wireless Charger to choose?

In theory, new iPhones could easily be charged from any Qi-charging at maximum power (15 W), but … alas. While Android smartphones’ manufacturers give users this opportunity (to charge the phone quickly and wirelessly), iPhone owners are left on the sidelines. Therefore, if you choose wireless charging, it doesn’t matter; even if it says at least 20 watts of power, the iPhone will still not charge faster and “accept” exactly as much as iOS allows. There are no miracles.

There are many wireless chargers for iPhones, and it’s easy to get confused in such an assortment. If you don’t want to overpay, the easiest way is to order them on Ali or Amazon, but you need to be very careful before purchasing Wireless Charger for iPhone.

Baseus Wireless Charger for iPhone

Always look at three parameters: price, reviews, and order quantities!

You cannot get a good wireless charger for iPhone under $$10- you have to understand this very carefully. It is optimal to take something in the range of $15-$30. On Amazon, the Baseus brand is trendy. Their reliability and stylish design distinguish its chargers. For instance, such charging 15 W looks very interesting with an almost transparent body.

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How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2023

The design is exciting!

Or the same manufacturer has a similar charging from the same series for iPhone and Apple Watch at once – overheating protection, automatic shutdown so as not to overload the smartphone battery, complete set. A little more expensive, but you can charge two devices at the same time.

How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2023

Still, Baseus can do things (photo from reviews)

Of course, even such charging WILL NOT charge the iPhone at 15 W, but if you also have Xiaomi or Samsung, there are no such restrictions. Isn’t it dangerous to charge your iPhone with such a charge when it supports 7.5W maximum? No, Apple smartphones are “smart,” and they themselves understand how much they need to “take” from the charge.

Inexpensive Wireless Charger for iPhone

Is there something cheaper? Quite an expected question. You can find chargers for about $6, but they usually come without a cable in the kit, with a cable – already in the range of $10, something like this from Essager. It is also a well-known brand on Ali, but more straightforward with 10W charging. (although it makes no difference to us) and a micro-USB cable – Baseus still uses USB Type-C.

How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2023

More budget solution, but the charging speed will be the same.

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There are no design delights here either, just a white or black plastic charger with a blue edging. In general, it’s a good option if the budget is limited, but I’d rather pay an extra $10 and take something more reliable. Although the reviews for this charger are generally positive, and there are quite a few orders.

Anker Wireless Charger for iPhone

How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2023

Anker is more straightforward and more minimalistic, but it is a reliable brand with many positive reviews.

Also, a reliable and proven brand, which is quite a bit more expensive than Baseus. Anker does not get worn out and does not charge 15 W or 20 W – the manufacturer writes right on the product page that the iPhone the maximum will charge at 7.5W. Mophie Launches Wireless Charging Power Bank That Can Be Attached To The Back Of Your Smartphone

It is minimalistic, stylish charging with a charging indicator and overheating protection system. Anker offers good and reliable wireless charging for only $19.

Buy Anker Wireless Charger for iPhone

If you are the owner of the latest generation iPhone and want to charge your phone at maximum power (15W), the only option is to buy a MagSafe charger for $39 that Apple sells on its online store. Belkin has already released their MagSafe chargers, but any other third-party accessory manufacturer must work with Apple – through its licensed MFi program – to do the same. But in this case, there will be no such prices for charging.

Owners of older iPhones may not bother and order regular chargers. How do you charge your iPhone? Please share in the comments. You can leave the link right away.


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