Owning a laptop computer is becoming an essential thing in this age. You now need to have these devices, especially if you’re working in an IT job or doing anything that requires a system. Aside from work, laptops also provide easy access to many things, such as social media, buying anything, and playing at the best online casino. As a result, finding a good one is important.

Before buying a laptop, you should know what you want to use to avoid getting one that can’t do the job properly. But with these new models of computers, we have exciting access to incredibly sleek-looking machinery that will do any job excellently. So, before you buy any laptop this year, we recommend you check out these five top options. 

MacBook M1 Pro

Top 5 Laptop Computers to Own in 2022

One of the latest computers from Apple, the 16-inch M1 pro, is something that does all kinds of jobs and is sure to take you to another level of the computer. It is a powerhouse equipped with the latest Apple silicon and can be configured to either the M1 Max or M1 Pro. It is one machinery that is perfect for designers and programmers.

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The slim exterior makes it visually appealing, and it is running on a powerful processor with the cooling system doing a perfect job. It is everything you should have in one place, and whenever you want to get started, you can connect to three extra external displays and a 4K TV at once because of the many ports available. 

HP Spectre 14

Top 5 Laptop Computers to Own in 2022

HP is one of the best laptop makers globally, and we always expect exciting products from this major brand. And fortunately, the Spectre x360 14 doesn’t disappoint. It is everything you would want on a laptop device. It is more than just a pretty system on the outside. It is also a powerhouse that can take up any kind of job.

The Spectre 14 is a multipurpose device that is ready to use as a full PC or a tablet, depending on your preference. It comes with many exciting features, making it a proper machine that can do many jobs at a time. You can also switch from the FHD resolution to the 1,000-nit and OLED options. 

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15

Top 5 Laptop Computers to Own in 2022

Do you want a lightweight gaming laptop that can do multiple processing simultaneously? Then, the ROG Zephyrus G15 is a perfect fit for you. It is a top-notch gaming laptop that you should consider buying this year, and the exciting part is that it is not too expensive and does impressive work all around. 

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Everything about this incredible machine is top-notch, from the processor to the display, you’re getting an incredible experience, and if you’re done, it is something you can start using. Aside from gaming, you can use it to run heavy cloud computing programs and different exciting designing software, depending on your job. 

LG Gram 17

Top 5 Laptop Computers to Own in 2022

This 3-pound laptop computer is all you would want if you’re looking for a light laptop to buy. You might have played around or owned a light laptop before, but they are nothing compared to this one. Even with a 17-inch monitor, it is still a light device that is easy to carry and doesn’t feel like you’re holding anything. 

Aside from its weight, another thing that stands out with this exciting laptop is the top-notch battery life that is reported to last well over 12-hours. It has quiet fans that do the job effectively, and if you’re running a high-end project, the fast processors make everything smooth without the device giving out. 

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Dell XPS 13

Top 5 Laptop Computers to Own in 2022

Finally on our list is the latest XPS laptop from Dell. If you’re familiar with the XPS selection of Dell computers, you would know that every new generation is an exciting piece of hardware. It works perfectly and can double down as a tablet and laptop. One of the best convertible laptops does high-grade processing with ease.

With G4 Core-i3 processors, you know that you’re getting an impressive piece of exciting device that will do excellent work with ease. It is everything you need whenever you want to get started. Therefore, you should decide if you want this top-notch device, and you can even splurge on some extra top-notch features.  


Owning the right computer is everything, and choosing any of these five options will give you what you need to run a high-end program. Whether you’re a gamer, programmer, designer, or anyone who requires top-notch computing, you should pick any laptops listed in this article.


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