Are you facing issues with your new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro’s battery draining too fast or the device overheating? This guide will walk you through the steps to rectify these issues and enhance your iPhone’s performance.

Why is your iPhone 15 Overheating?

  1. New Set-Up: New iPhones often exhibit faster battery drain and increased heat after the initial setup.
  2. Third-Party Apps: Apps like Uber, Asphalt 9, and Instagram have been reported to overload the system. Regularly updating these apps can alleviate some of these issues.
  3. Anticipate iOS Updates: Apple acknowledges these issues and is expected to release a system update, likely iOS 17.0.3, to address them.
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Factors Draining Your Battery

How to Resolve iPhone 15's Battery Drain and Overheating Issues: 7 Easy Methods
  1. Restoring from a backup: This can especially cause a strain when uploading many photos and videos.
  2. Background App Activities: Some apps, especially those with location tracking, can consume significant power.
  3. Increased Initial Usage: Exploring new features on your iPhone may result in more frequent use, causing quicker battery drainage.

Maximizing Your iPhone 15’s Battery Life

1. Monitoring App Power Consumption

  • Navigate to Settings > Battery to view app-wise battery usage.
  • Inspect apps with “Background Activity” as they might use power even when not actively used.

2. Utilizing Power Saving Mode

  • Activate Low Power Mode via Settings > Battery or use Siri. It restricts some features, conserving battery life.
How to Resolve iPhone 15's Battery Drain and Overheating Issues: 7 Easy Methods

3. Adjusting Display Settings

  • Set auto-lock to 30 seconds: Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Lock.
  • Regulate screen brightness through the control center or Settings > Display and brightness.
  • To further conserve battery, turn off the always-on display feature: Settings > Display & Brightness > Always-On Display.

4. Maintaining Optimal Temperatures

  • iPhones perform best between 0° and 35° C. Extreme temperatures can impact battery health.
  • If your iPhone gets hot, especially while charging, consider removing its case.
  • Keep your iPhone in an inner pocket in colder climates to keep it warm.
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How to Resolve iPhone 15's Battery Drain and Overheating Issues: 7 Easy Methods

5. Managing Background App Refresh

  • Either disable it entirely or selectively for specific apps by going to Settings > General > Content Update.

6. Controlling Location Services

  • Manage or turn off location services for specific apps via Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services.

7. Regulating Data Uploading

  • Manually control data uploads for email accounts by navigating to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Upload Data.


With these strategies, you should be able to mitigate the battery drain and overheating problems on your iPhone 15. Remember, future iOS updates from Apple are anticipated to resolve these issues further.


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