For people on the constant lookout for means that will help them make money in an easy yet seamless way, there is a boatload of applications on the internet that furnish pretty lucrative avenues for such people. What’s more, what if we told you that you could earn money with zero equipment (well, except for your mobile phone and a strong WiFi connection)? Stirring in your seats, ready to pounce on the opportunity? We get you – we’ve been there!

It’s time you beat inflation and show the world you mean business!

You can efficiently utilize your smartphone to watch surveys, pick up a side gig, watch videos & ads, sell unwanted stuff, and do other stuff with the added benefit of making money. 

Today, we’ve done our share of research to curate a list of the top money-making apps that will help you get the side income source you deserve. So, without further ado, let’s hop onto this rollercoaster of an article.

VidMate Cash

5 Legit Money-Making Applications You Must Download Right Now!

VidMate Cash certainly tops our list because its hands down one of the best money-making applications out there. The reason is its ease of use you literally earn money just by watching ads and videos (something you’d usually do without earning money). So now that cash is on the plate, it’s time you capitalize on your hobby of watching videos in your spare time. 

Besides being an amazing contemporary cash-making application, VidMate Cash also happens to be an MP3 and MP4 downloader at the same time. VidMate allows you access to thousands of websites from which you can watch, stream, and download music and videos to your heart’s content. VidMate Cash is available for all Android users within India and Indonesia and can be pretty straightforwardly downloaded from its website –

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After you’ve finished downloading, install the MP4 downloader on your phone and sign up.

Following that, you’ll see a slew of videos appear on your screen. Watch them to earn coins! Furthermore, you can earn coins by watching advertisements. These coins can be later converted into money, and they arrive directly in your wallet.

And do you know what the icing on the cake is? You can even tell your friends about VidMate Cash by referring them to this ingenious application. As a result, when they sign up, you will receive an exclusive bonus. The ‘Piggy Bank Buff’ feature is another defining attribute of the VidMate Cash app. You can earn coins even while sleeping with this! 

10,000 coins are worth ₹1 in VidMate Cash. That means if you have 50,000 coins in your VidMate account, you have ₹5 in your VidMate Cash account. VidMate Cash has a ₹5 minimum withdrawal limit.

So, what are you holding out for? Download VidMate Cash right now! Watch ads and earn money!


5 Legit Money-Making Applications You Must Download Right Now!

InboxDollars is a famous money-making application that allows you to earn money by completing simple surveys and a couple of other tasks. Moreover, InboxDollars prides itself in being an application that even pays you to read emails. 

Also, unlike other money-generating applications, InboxDollars gives you real money (not points) from the very beginning. The minimum withdrawal amount that’s applicable to InboxDollars is $30, and you even get a one-time $5 bonus on signing up!

Google Opinion Rewards

5 Legit Money-Making Applications You Must Download Right Now!

With versions available on both Android and iOS devices, Google Opinion Rewards has a name in the market owing to its staggering and highest hourly rate of $22.24. According to research, the surveys on Google Opinion Rewards are the shortest compared to other survey-completion apps. Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards take less than a minute to complete and usually aren’t any longer than three questions.

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In addition to that, the surveys at Google Opinion Rewards also have the ability to show you how much Google already knows about you! 

In Google Opinion Rewards, payments are automatically credited to your account when your account balance reaches $2. iOS users can opt to get paid through PayPal. On the other hand, Android users receive payments only as Google Play Store credits.

Fetch Rewards

5 Legit Money-Making Applications You Must Download Right Now!

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning application that works in every store in the United States. What makes it stand out amongst other receipt scanning applications is the fact that you don’t have to scan coupons or barcodes and certainly don’t have to buy specific products to earn coins.

What makes this application ‘not so great’ is the fact that you only get a few cents for scanning each receipt. However, if there’s a sponsored item on your receipt, you might get greater rewards.


5 Legit Money-Making Applications You Must Download Right Now!

Mistplay exhibits itself as an application that serves as a loyalty program for gamers out there. 

In its essence, Mistplay is a free application that gives you points for playing games on an Android smartphone – it’s really that simple. In a few cases, you might be prompted to provide feedback on the game, but that’s pretty much how far that goes. In other cases, you may need to achieve some milestones within the game to reap the rewards. These points can later be redeemed to purchase gift cards from a number of major retailers, including Amazon, Nintendo, and Starbucks. More so, you can even choose to withdraw cash to your PayPal account. 

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The minimum withdrawal limit that applies to Mistplay is 1,500 points or $5.


Honeygain is a passive income app that allows users to earn money by sharing their unused internet bandwidth. It works by securely utilizing your internet connection in the background while you go about your daily activities. As you share your bandwidth, Honeygain redirects it through its network to trusted partners who use it for various purposes like market research, ad-fraud prevention, and brand protection. 

The amount you can earn with Honeygain depends on factors such as your internet speed, the demand for bandwidth, and your level of activity. While individual earnings may vary, Honeygain offers a simple and effortless way to generate some extra income by utilizing your existing internet connection.

Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned applications in this article are 100% legit and definitely worth your time. Amongst a herd of potentially harmful applications, finding the right one is what really matters in the end. You don’t want an anonymous third-party application app collecting your data and potentially luring you into a scam – you want trusted applications that really help you make money.

Our advice? We suggest that you download the VidMate Cash app – it’s our number 1 pick as well. You literally have to watch videos to earn money – it doesn’t get easier than that!


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