In the rapidly evolving music industry, having access to reliable, detailed stats for Spotify is increasingly crucial. This is where Viberate steps in, a pioneering music data company, now offering their full professional suite for an accessible price of $19.90 a month. This democratization of music analytics marks a significant shift, previously a domain reserved for the biggest names in the industry.

Understanding the importance of Spotify stats in the music industry cannot be overstated. For professionals in the field, having access to accurate stats for Spotify means making more informed decisions. This is critical for tasks like scouting new talent, overseeing artists, preparing comprehensive reports, and assessing the impact of music releases and tours. Major labels have been leveraging these Spotify stats for years, but the cost barrier often excluded smaller entities. Viberate’s initiative to make this information affordable and accessible is a game-changing development.

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The recent price reduction of their professional suite, from a steep $129 to a mere $19.90 per month, includes not just Spotify stats but also a range of other essential features. The suite provides advanced charts with A&R filters, alongside comprehensive analytics for various channels, including TikTok.

Broad Spectrum Analytics: Beyond Just Spotify Stats

Viberate’s approach is exhaustive and integrated. “We comprehensively track and examine every aspect of the music industry ecosystem, including artists, tracks, festivals, playlists, and labels, unified in one central hub,” they state. Their service turns streaming and social data, including critical stats for Spotify, into actionable insights. This service is invaluable for discovering new talents, tracking artist rosters, planning promotional campaigns, and creating efficient business reports. They currently monitor over a million artists, providing stats for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Shazam, SoundCloud, and various social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, along with radio airplay data.

Their most acclaimed feature is the in-depth stats for Spotify.

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Unraveling Artist’s Stories with Spotify Stats

For those seeking comprehensive Spotify artist stats, Viberate offers a robust solution. Their platform includes a tracker for Spotify’s monthly listeners, followers, and stream counts, offering both historical and real-time data. This feature is crucial for identifying top songs and analyzing the performance of an artist’s entire Spotify catalog.

The platform also provides insights into each artist’s playlist features on Spotify. Users can monitor how playlisting and reach evolve over time, identifying the tracks and playlists that had the most significant impact.

Exploring Playlists with Stats for Spotify

A standout feature of is their playlist analyzer, which covers over 12 million Spotify playlists. It ranks these playlists by popularity and provides sorting options based on follower count, recent growth, and the number of tracks featured. This tool is invaluable for identifying playlists that align with an artist’s genre, aiding in effective music promotion.

Customization for Every Industry Role

Recognizing the diverse needs of the music industry, Viberate’s platform is highly customizable. They cater to A&Rs, label managers, agents, and more, offering not just a subscription plan but also customized services like personalized dashboards, database matching, and API access.

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In summary, Viberate’s integration of comprehensive Spotify stats and broader music analytics is a monumental advancement for music industry professionals. By offering an affordable, in-depth, and customizable platform, they ensure that anyone in the music industry, regardless of their size, can leverage the power of data to drive success. This initiative marks a new era in music analytics, where access to critical stats for Spotify and other platforms is no longer a privilege but a standard tool for all.


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