Are you a PVP game lover? Then Worms zone is an amazing game for you!

Worms Zone is a dynamic, open arena action game where you can grow your worm by eating food. More food you eat, the larger your worm gets! You not only get to eat food but also can collect stunning abilities which help you eat more food and grow and score more points on the leaderboard. You can even give different skins to your worm or customize your own cool ones as you climb up the scorecard.

But watch out for other worms(i.e., other players); you don’t want to bump into them. Once you bump into others, its game over, and you start from scratch again. You can have different strategies to get on top of the leaderboard. You can circle other players and make them bump into you, and you can have their loot to get up the ladder and score more.

Developed by Wild Spike and published by Casual Azur Games, Worms Zone is a fantastic pass-time game. But one important thing is that this game is built specifically for mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. So PC gamers don’t get much chance to enjoy this simple yet fun game.

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But don’t you worry! This article is for all those PC gamers and people who want to enjoy Worms Zone on PC, especially Worms Zone for Windows.

There is a simple way in which you can play Worm Zone on your desktop using MEmuplay.

About MEmuPlay

MEmuplay is a powerful android emulator which allows you to play android games on your desktop, even with a controller or gamepad. It is very popular and has a huge library of android games that you can play, one of which is Worms Zone.

MEmuplay provides a stable platform to play android games with good graphics and CPU optimization. It has a simple UI interface which makes navigation easier. You can also export files from your PC to the emulator or install games via APK files downloaded on your desktop.

This emulator comes on the Windows platform, giving an overall great experience for home-based PC users and gamers.

All you need to do is to follow the steps given below and enjoy the game.

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How to play Worms Zone on PC using MEmu Player

Few keynotes to play Worms Zone on MEmuplayis that you need to enable CPU virtualization. Before you download and install MEmuplay make sure you have covered this part. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Restart your PC and Go to BIOS settings. To enter BIOS settings, you need to press DEL or END or F12, etc. (varies for different motherboards) while on the boot screen.

Step 2: Go to the Advanced CPU settings tab.

Step 3: You will find an option for CPU virtualization. Turn that on or enable it.

Step 4: Save and exit BIOS settings.

Step 5: Now, turn on your pc and start MEmuplay it will show the home screen and follow the steps to install and play.

Instructions to install MEmuplay and play Worms Zone

Step 1: Download the MEmuplay installer from official website. It is a small file that will eventually download and install the emulator on your PC.

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How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

Step 2: Click on the downloaded installer file and run as administrator. An installer window will open, click next and install the emulator on your PC.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

It will automatically download and install the emulator on your PC.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, click on “Finish,” and it will launch the application and take you to the home screen.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

Step 4: Go to the Play Store and sign in with your Google account.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

Once signed in, search Worms Zone in the search tab and install. It will download and install the game in the emulator.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

Step 5: After installation, just click on open and Worms Zone will run on another tab.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

Step 6: Control your worm with the help of your mouse. Right-click and point the courser to change directions.

How to play Worms Zone on PC using Memu Player

This is the whole process by which you can install and play Worms Zone for Windows. With no graphics or performance degradation, this is a great way to enjoy android games on PC.

So what are you waiting for? Install and climb up the leaderboard and compete with your friends. Make sure to comment below your suggestions and queries, if any.


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