Technology is advancing so rapidly that it’s challenging to keep up. This year is likely to be important in terms of the rise of tech trends and could well set the course of future developments. Below we outline the critical business tech trends you need to be aware of in 2023 – and take a peek at what the near future could hold, too!

The Proliferation of Blockchain

Blockchain will be a key trend in 2023, with businesses increasingly using the tech to create decentralized services and products. This tech, for example, could provide an alternative to cloud storage. And by decentralizing data storage and deploying blockchain to encrypt this data, it’ll be more secure and give users tantalizingly innovative new ways to access it.

The creation, buying, and selling of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) will also become easier and more accessible in 2023. It’s been suggested that NFTs could become the medium via which we interact with the digital products and services we buy very shortly, as well as being used in place of contracts between parties.

The Increased Sophistication of CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is already widely used by businesses to manage their sales pipeline, leads, marketing campaigns, and customer service provision. However, over the rest of 2023, this type of software is expected to become both more accessible and more sophisticated. Regarding the latter, the CRM software Monday is a good example: its no-code system and cost-effectiveness make it the perfect option for even the smallest businesses.

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With increasingly advanced and intuitive features, including in-depth reporting and analysis tools, embedded web forms, and many integration opportunities, CRM software could become an essential item in every business’s toolkit by the end of 2023.

The Rise of Quantum Computing

The race is on worldwide to develop quantum computing – if successful, this is likely to be a revolutionary technological leap forward that could change everything. Quantum computing uses subatomic particles to process and store information in an entirely unique way. To get an idea of the change this could usher in, imagine this: a quantum computer could operate a trillion times quicker than today’s devices are capable of.

Countries worldwide are investing vast sums of money in attempting to develop quantum computing, and a breakthrough could come anytime. However, there are concerns regarding this technology. For example, it could render the data encryption processes we currently deploy useless.

The Development of Green Tech

In general, sustainability was one of the key trends of 2022, and this is likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future. So it’s no surprise that the development of green technology is likely to be a significant trend this year. 

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Look for progress regarding green hydrogen, a new clean-burning energy source that produces almost no greenhouse gas emissions. And this isn’t just blue sky thinking: Shell and RWE are already building the first major green pipeline, carrying energy generated by wind plants in the North Sea.

The More Widespread Use of Autonomous Systems

Businesses embraced automated systems in a big way in 2022, using software and other digital tools to manage everything from their payroll tasks to their marketing campaigns. In 2023, automation is set to go to the next level, with self-driving ships and trucks expected to come into play and the more widespread use of delivery and warehouse robots.

The British online retailer Ocado is already using thousands of autonomous robots in its warehouses to move, lift, and sort groceries, in conjunction with AI tools, which places the most popular items within the most accessible reach of the robots.

The Mind-Bending Metaverse

It’s predicted that the metaverse will have added a whopping $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030. The advances made in this field in 2023 could set the overall direction of this mind-blowing tech trend long-term.

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This year, we can expect to see the metaverse begin to revolutionize work environments by creating virtual interactive offices and digital spaces to collaborate. And if you need proof that this is the future, be aware that both Microsoft and Nvidia currently have metaverse platforms in development designed to help users collaborate on digital projects.

The avatars that we use to navigate and engage with the metaverse will also rapidly grow in sophistication, looking more like their authentic counterparts – us! – with motion capture tech mimicking even our distinctive body language and facial expressions.

Technology Trends: 2023 and Beyond!

This year is likely to see many exciting tech developments, from creating highly-immersive virtual reality work environments to the rise of green tech. But what of other tech trends that we could witness in the near future? It’s projected that by 2030 we’ll have tech physically connected to us: through tiny microchips embedded in our bodies, we may be able to access and control all our devices.

And those immersive digital experiences we were talking about above? By 2030, your avatar could visit a beach, or tranquil mountain meadow, whenever you need to relax; you’ll not only experience the visual effects and sounds of these virtual locations but may even be able to smell the ocean or the flowers and physically feel the sensation of the sand or grass beneath your feet – digital bliss.


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