Many talks lately have been about VPN and its use on MAC or iPhone. But, many users still do not know what kind of technology it is and what it needs. To close this knowledge gap, we will discuss the Best VPN for MAC or iPhone, what it is for, and how to turn it on.

What is a VPN

To understand what a VPN for MAC or iPhone is, you need to download it to understand the meaning of the term VPN itself. This term is short for Virtual Private Network. Such networks are used in cases where it is impossible or not rational to organize a real, physically existing network. Virtual networks transmit data over pre-existing networks, most often over the Internet. At the same time, thanks to encryption, all shared information remains reliably protected, regardless of the network’s reliability, on top of which the virtual network operates.

Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
What is a VPN

A typical example of a virtual network is a corporate network, which combines several regional offices into one shared computer network. When building such a network, it does not matter how far the company’s branches are located from each other since the data will still be transmitted over the Internet.

Also, virtual networks can be used for other tasks. For example, some ISPs use VPNs to connect users to the Internet. But, most often, ordinary users use VPN to ensure the security of their Internet connection or bypass the blocking of site access. VPN is often applied on MAC, iPhones, and other mobile phones. This article will discuss some parameters and the Best VPN for MAC or iPhone.

Some of the best VPNs that we recommend are: thebestvpn and diadiktiokaiasfalia.

Why do you need a VPN for MAC or iPhone?

As we have already said, a VPN can solve various problems. Below, we’ll look at a few typical examples of how a VPN can be applied on a MAC, iPhone, or another mobile phone.

Here is a guide you can use: How to Set Up a VPN on Mac

Secure Internet Connection

When you connect to a public WiFi network without security, your data can be intercepted and used by strangers. To avoid this from happening, use a VPN. To do this, connect your MAC or iPhone to Wi-Fi and turn on your VPN. After that, all your traffic will be sent through the encrypted network, protecting you from any leaks.

Anonymity on the Internet

When browsing the internet, you may need to hide your actual location. To do this, you can connect a VPN on your MAC or iPhone to any Wi-Fi network. After connecting your MAC or iPhone, any online activity will travel via the VPN server.

Bypass restrictions

If you want to access your favorite sites while abroad, it can’t be done if that site is blocked in the country you’re currently in. However, good VPNs- these virtual private networks- allow you to bypass this restriction. Just connect your phone to the Internet and turn on the VPN. Locks can be bypassed when you have a VPN in another country.

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Connect to the corporate network.

We allow you to connect to your company’s virtual network through a VPN on a MAC or iPhone. For instance, you might be able to access an internal site that only exists within the standard workplace network – it is not accessible from the outside world.

We have also prepared this guide: 10 Critical VPN-Specific Features to Consider in 2021

Best VPN for MAC and iPhone

Best VPN for MAC or iPhone

As you may have observed, enabling a VPN is a simple process. You can add a new configuration and turn on the switch in the main settings menu on your MAC or iPhone. However, you may wonder where to obtain the parameters required to create a configuration.

To do this, you must select a VPN service, register on their website, and pay for the service according to their pricing plans. After payment, the service will provide you with detailed instructions on how to set up your devices, including server addresses, and a login and password that must be specified when creating a configuration in your MAC or iPhone settings.

Typically, VPN services charge on a monthly basis, but you can save a significant amount if you pay annually. Additionally, some services offer a trial period during which you can test the service without paying.

Below, we will discuss a few reliable services (Best VPNs for MAC or iPhone) that provide a stable connection and high Internet speeds.


Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: HideMy.Name is a simple and affordable VPN for MAC or iPhone with a fast and stable connection. The main advantage of this service is its affordable price.

The monthly tariff here costs only $8/mo. But, if you pay for the service for six months, the price will be $5/mo, and when paying for a year in advance – only $4/mo. Refunds are possible (within 30 days).

At the same time, the service offers an extensive network of servers distributed worldwide. There are servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Internet speed of 70 Mbps or higher, the connection is stable. An application for the MAC or iPhone allows you to connect in one click without setting up the configuration.

Get the best deals on HideMy.Name


Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: NordVPN

NordVPN is a popular Western VPN for MAC or iPhones with many servers and high speed. The trick of NordVPN is the emphasis on security; only the most secure connection methods are used here, and no logs are kept. Also, the service reliably protects against leaks of IP addresses and DNS queries. You can configure the connection through the app. The cost of a month of subscription here is almost $12, but if you pay for the service for a year or more, the price will be noticeably less. Refunds are possible (within 30 days). Furthermore, if you’re looking to save even more on your NordVPN subscription, keep an eye out for NordVPN YouTuber codes, which often offer discounts and special deals to make your online security more affordable.

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I personally use NordVPN as they are safe and 100% trusted globally-> Get the best deals on NordVPN


Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: PureVPN is an advanced VPN for MAC or iPhone for demanding users. The main advantage of PureVpn is its massive selection of servers worldwide and high speed—more than 2,000 servers in 180 countries and 300,000 IP addresses. Internet speed of 80 Mbit/s and more, the connection is stable. As in the previous case, an application for the MAC or iPhone is available, allowing you to connect without creating a configuration quickly. The monthly tariff here costs $10, but when paying for a year, this price is reduced by almost half, and when paying for 3 years in advance, the monthly tariff will cost less than $2. Refunds are possible (within 30 days).

Most Internet users eventually come to the idea that it is worth using a VPN service. For those who do not know – the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service redirects traffic from a computer or smartphone to a remote site in another city or country. Thanks to this, monitoring a person’s online activities becomes more challenging.

VPN services have several general flaws that repel many users.

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Top Issues with VPNs

They complicate the work. There’s nothing you can do, and built-in human laziness takes its toll. Many people like that after each reboot of the PC or smartphone, you need to enable/activate/enter the password into the application to access the VPN.

They slow down the Internet. A simple explanation exists for this – between the remote service and you. There is another point of the passage of traffic, which can work slowly or intermittently. Free VPNs rarely provide stable operations, which leads to the last problem.

You have to pay for a quality VPN service. Not everyone is ready to pay from $3-$10 per month for high-quality VPN services in addition to the usual provider tariff.

The most popular VPN services are challenging to determine, but we tried to highlight a few outstanding and inexpensive offers that can be interesting.


Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: Betternet

It is a unique service that provides high-quality (judging by user reviews) services. Volunteers who voluntarily install the proposed programs on devices and watch videos earn the service.

The application works quite simply. After downloading the client from the App Store, you will have to add a configuration once in the iOS settings, and after that, you can turn the VPN connection on or off with one button.

Betternet VPN for MAC or iPhone is often used to access online services available only in the United States.


Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: TunnelBear

Shareware VPN service that many users praise. When connecting to the service, you must create an account and, possibly, attach a Twitter account to it (this gives bonuses in the first month of work).

TunnelBear VPN for MAC or iPhone allows you to transfer up to 500 MB of data for free. Above this threshold, you will have to pay $5 per month.

Private Tunnel

Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: PrivateTunnel

The service gained popularity after the Critical Heartbleed vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSSL cryptographic library in 2014. Many companies and ordinary users began switching to services with additional security measures.

After the first reports of the Heartbleed vulnerability, the developers of Private Tunnel reported that their implementation of OpenSSL uses features that limit the possibility of data theft.

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The Private Tunnel VPN for MAC or iPhone allows you to transfer up to 100 MB of data for free. Above this measure, you must pay $10 per month or $30 per year.

Opera Free VPN

Best VPN for MAC or iPhone
Best VPN for MAC and iPhone: Opera Free VPN

Opera has tried to ensure that its VPN for MAC or iPhone is as fast and easy to use as possible. The company uses its technologies, developed over many years, to speed up data transfer.

A nice bonus of Opera Free VPN is that the service blocks ads in Safari, Chrome, and other browsers. Here is a guide you can use: How to Enable Free VPN in Opera Browser

Advantages of VPN for MAC or iPhone

In addition to immediate access to sites and messengers, as well as protecting your traffic from government control, there are other reasons to start using VPN for MAC or iPhone on an ongoing basis finally:

Increase the speed of data transfer.

  • Many Chinese providers, including mobile providers, restrict traffic during rush hour. If you use a VPN, these prohibitions will not affect you, and everything will load faster than the rest.

Protect data when connected to open Wi-Fi networks.

  • If you do, take the choice of VPN for MAC or iPhone especially carefully, many free proxies calling themselves VPN do not protect you too much, and cybercrime in this country is high.

Cheap VOIP-telephony.

  • For those who will call mobile and landline phones at work, for example, from Skype. Choose a server in your location; the call will be much cheaper than from China or other countries.

If you go to Chinese sites, it is better to use an antivirus. (Best Antivirus for Mac: Best Options in 2023) What you click on and what files will be downloaded are not enough. A good VPN for Chinese sites for the MAC or iPhone will try to warn you about the risks on the site, but it is better to protect yourself additionally.

Free VPN for MAC or iPhone

These programs should be discussed separately. Be careful when experimenting with such services if you don’t know how they are monetized.

  • Most of them are proxies, not VPNs. They can change your address, but some resources still see it, and this is not a very good protection against hackers.
  • Do not use Chinese VPNs for MAC or iPhones. The government has access to them.
  • Most programs have limited traffic. They are suitable for checking email or writing something on Facebook, but you won’t be able to watch videos with them or listen to music.

We could recommend the following services:

  • Windscribe is well protected, but only 10 GB per month, and the speed is low due to the remote locations of the servers.
  • Tunnel Bear is reliable, but with 500 MB per month, you can raise the limit a little.
  • Turbo VPN – temporarily does not work in China, shows a lot of advertising, and collects your search traffic, but unlimited.

Check out our review of free VPNs. Maybe you’ll choose something from the general list or learn more about these services. Here is the article: Top 9 Free VPN Services


Overall, there are free and paid VPNs for MAC or iPhones. From the list, you’ll find something suitable for you. If you experiment with free or very cheap services, I use NordVPN as they are safe and 100% trusted globally-> Get the best deals on NordVPN. I think $12 is not such a high price for unlimited high-speed access to the network during the trip, but you decide for yourself.


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