In today’s world of tech, it is crucial that you invest in the best apps and software that can allow you to run your eCommerce business from your cell phone. Not being tied to an office is an aspect of running an online business that you should be enjoying, and thanks to the everyday tech that surrounds you, it is possible to run a profitable eCommerce business from anywhere you happen to be.

Warehouse software

Unless you are opting to use dropshipping suppliers or taking advantage of Amazon’s FBA, you are going to need some sort of warehouse facility – even if it is just a shelf unit in the corner of the room.

This area is going to need organizing and keeping control of. WMS software will enable you to do this while enabling you to move away from the paper-based, error-prone businesses of yesterday. As it is totally scalable, it will be able to expand and grow as your business does, leaving no part of your warehouse practices to chance. This will then help you focus on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction in the completion of orders and shipments to your customers.

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Selling platform apps

These are places where you can sell your items without having the additional expense of having your own website (unless you want to), paying for hosting, or for additional SEO services.


For instance, Amazon is a highly profound selling business with 9.7 million sellers worldwide, taking advantage of the renowned name. You can use your cell phone to place listings, deal with customer inquiries, and with the help of Amazon FBA, even dispatch your orders to customers.


Another close runner to this is the selling platform eBay which also encourages sellers to use their phone app to list items to sell online. eBay has 18 million active sellers worldwide. Although it is not possible to see how many of these use their phone app to post their listings, you can still research your market, list your items, deal with customers, and manage your eBay account using this app.

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Automating tool apps

Automation tools enable you to plan your time effectively rather than having to stick to strict schedules or certain time frames.


For instance, Hootsuite will enable you to write social media posts as and when you have the time or the inclination. You will not have to release these posts straight away as they can be scheduled for release on a specified day and time if desired for maximum effectiveness.


Similarly to Hootsuite, Mailchimp can also be scheduled for release at the optimum time and date, but rather than these being social media posts, they are direct emails to your customers. This will mean that you will be able to set up designated avenues for your customers to travel down via email contact, so regardless of when your customer comes to you, they will be shown the same offers in the same order across the same time frame as everyone else on your customer base.

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Final thoughts

It is, as so many entrepreneurs have found, easy and productive to run an eCommerce business from your cell phone using apps and software to control all of the vital areas of your business. Take note of the above apps and software that you should be using.


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