Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular practice among companies of various sizes, especially in the software development industry. While it might seem like a risky endeavor, programming outsourcing can bring a lot of value if done correctly. Web projects, mobile apps, APIs – there are third-party developers for anything.

How does it work?

Hiring a programmer outside of your company to help you write out code is at the core of this type of outsourcing. Let’s say your company specializes in making mobile apps, but you need a website to promote them. Trying to do this in-house, either by hiring new people or letting the existing team go through trial-and-error phases is both costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing programming gives you access to professionals who possess the exact type of skillset that your project requires.

Of course, this approach wouldn’t be as efficient if you had to find those particular programmers yourself. Instead, there are companies, known as vendors, who evaluate your project’s needs and then choose the right people for the job. You can consider them an extension to your team, not a replacement. It’s a mutual learning experience that can bring both short and long-term benefits to your company.

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What are the benefits?

Efficient, High-Quality Results

Even if your employees have secondary knowledge related to the project, it’s unlikely that you have the top-tier methods and technology needed to optimally complete all necessary tasks. Outsourcing gives you indirect access to all the latest innovations and solutions which will guarantee the best possible result. Still, you should review all the aspects of your project and compare them with what the particular outsourcing company is offering. Ideally, it should have prior experience with projects that are in the same category as yours.


Some projects are larger, some projects are smaller, and all projects are perfectly suitable for outsourcing programming. A sudden increase in workload can spell disaster for your own team, but the third-party vendors have a large enough capacity to deal with any amount of tasks. It’s impossible to plan ahead perfectly and unexpected surprises will occur. Fortunately, any major deviations from the original plan can be solved by increasing the number of outsourced professionals that are working on it.

Cost Reduction

Think of the whole process behind hiring a new in-house team – or even just a single employee. Applications, screenings, assessments, interviews, and the list goes on. If the company has to go through all of this for just a single project, there are bound to be major losses. To outsource programming, all you need are clear project requirements. You can also very easily predict future expenses based on the size of the team, which makes for easier budgeting. If that’s not enough, the lower salaries in the outsourcing countries can further increase the savings.

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Lower Risks

Management is outsourced alongside programming, which puts the whole responsibility of the project’s success on the vendor company. The team that’s going to be tasked likely has experience with similar projects, alongside all the necessary tools needed to complete it successfully. Coordinators will get in touch with the company only if necessary, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, most outsourcing companies offer maintenance and support even after the project is finished, polishing it and removing any potential problems.

What are the risks?

Language & Cultural Differences

Before settling for a vendor, make sure that they have at least a couple of fluent English speakers. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of communication issues that will likely yield an unsatisfying result.

Hidden Costs

Unless you lay out clear requirements and all the necessary aspects of your project, programming outsourcing can break the bank. Ensure that the project manager understood your demands and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Security Issues

Data privacy should be your top priority. The company should be ready to sign an NDA and have certain procedures in place to prevent any data leakage. Check their reviews online to see if they’re reputable.

Lack of Control

While it’s good that you can delegate a project, you still have to retain some communication with the project manager to make sure that everything’s going according to plan. Make that clear before the project is started, and tell them how often you want to receive feedback.

Outsourcing programming doesn’t have to be a daunting or difficult task – it’s all up to how you approach it. Know exactly what you want to achieve with it, don’t skimp out on the necessary research, and monitor the progress.


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