Want to optimize your PC’s performance? These tools should help. Tuning and optimization apps are designed to clean your PC and find ways to speed it up. These all-in-one utilities have become a standard method of improving your computer’s performance. But how do you choose the Best PC Optimization Apps and Software? It can be challenging.

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

We decided to recall our considerable experience in optimization and recommend the best customization apps, paid and free. From our point of view, the best choice is Iolo System Mechanic, which achieves excellent results, but be sure to take a look at other tools. Maybe you need them.

Here are some of the Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares.

1. Iolo’s System Mechanic

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

Iolo’s System Mechanic perfectly identifies hidden problems that slow down your computer and ensures its fast operation. It can find and delete 50 types of hidden junk files and identify more than 30,000 causes that can cause errors. It also removes unnecessary programs imposed by hardware manufacturers, speeding up download times, and clears the browser history to speed up the Internet. You can perform a quick or deep scan depending on your tasks and perform defragmentation and similar functions. When you run applications on your computer or network, the program tries to optimize performance and allocate more resources where they are needed.

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But the best part is that these capabilities are adequate. Tests of Iolo and independent sources for download time, download speed, and overall CPU activity showed a noticeable increase in speed. However – and this is true for many optimization tools – you may need some time to study the capabilities of the program and the information produced during scanning.

Download Iolo’s System Mechanic

2. AVG TuneUp

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

AVG TuneUp supports many automated optimization features specifically designed for Windows computers. The program can carefully analyze the Windows registry and identify any deeply hidden errors that can cause severe problems during regular operation. It can also be configured to automatically clear your old browsing history, cookies, cache, and other junk that may remain on your computer.

TuneUp also boasts “sleep mode” features that reduce resource usage by installing apps that aren’t actively used. Finally, a handy update manager searches for all available updates for your apps and installs them with a single click.

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Download AVG TuneUp

3. Razer Cortex Game Booster

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

If optimization interests you mainly to improve game performance, then Razer Cortex is the program just for you. This optimization tool pays considerable attention to games but hardly cares about everything else. The utility detects what you’re playing and improves game performance and frame rate by reallocating resources from other apps and background programs to speed up all game-related processes. When the game is finished, it returns everything to its original state.

You’ll also get a handy frame rate counter if you don’t already have one. Please note that technically this is not overclocking, so it does not cause problems characteristic of overclocking, for example, overheating.

Download Razer Cortex

4. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2019

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

The 2019 version of the Windows optimization program Ashampoo continues to perform a one-click optimization process qualitatively, removing unnecessary junk files and “bloated” programs and analyzing the Windows registry to ensure that there are no errors. There are also advanced privacy settings, including disabling telemetry when encrypting files.

Despite many other features, particularly testing and automatic correction of files, we were primarily impressed by the user interface of the application. It’s more straightforward than some other utilities and provides accurate data easy-to-analyze format.

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Download Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2019

5. CCleaner

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

CCleaner is a popular tool that gets rid of unwanted objects on your computer. The application will cope with everything by garbage files, cookies, registry errors, and the startup of unnecessary programs. And thanks to a structure that is simpler than advanced optimization utilities, it is easier to learn and works faster.

Here are two more reasons why we like this program. First, it has an entirely free version and a Pro version with additional features like real-time monitoring and scheduled cleaning. Secondly, there is an excellent version of CCleaner for Mac and versions for cloud services and smartphones to choose the most suitable application for yourself.

Download CCleaner

6. Glary Utilities 5

Best PC Optimization Apps and Softwares

This free package is more of a set of tools than an optimizer in its purest form.

The program has many opportunities to optimize the PC, improve its operation and fix errors. You can remove unwanted programs, identify and fix registry errors, free up disk space in various ways, modify startup programs, defragment, split files, recover deleted files, and perform other tasks. We like this tool because it allows you to choose exactly what you need.

Download Glary Utilities 5


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