The battery of the iPhone does not have a good reputation for lasting long. We have found 20 tricks that can significantly prolong its life.

You might have heard this old saying: “The iPhone’s battery life doesn’t last at all.” And the truth is that it is true. Although again, it is also true that the new iPhones are improving much so far regarding battery life.

But if you have an older iPhone, you’re likely experiencing battery problems of some kind. Luckily, a portable charger is a great way to always stay on the go! However, we also recommend these other strategies to make your battery last.

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However, keep in mind that if the problem with your battery is too severe, you may need to take your phone to a shop for repairs or even consider buying a new one. If you’re finding it difficult to charge your device, you may have to fix it.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Here are 20 things you can do to improve your phone’s battery!

Don’t close open apps.

You might have heard that having a lot of apps open will slow down your phone and drain the battery, but I’m afraid that’s not right.

The constant launching and closing of apps drain your battery, so it’s nice to know if you want to use an app more than once, start it up ahead of time.

Closing your system apps won’t help your battery, a popular misconception.

Turn on ‘Low Power Mode.’

The ‘low power mode’ will automatically manage your phone’s battery to last as long as possible. Apple has also claimed that activating this mode can provide up to three extra hours of battery life.

When your iPhone’s battery reaches 20%, a notification will appear offering to switch on low power mode.

The option is to put your phone into power-saving mode when the battery reaches 20%. To activate this function, go to ‘Settings,’ then select the ‘Low Power Mode‘ option.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Update the iOS operating system

Updating the iOS operating system to its latest version can be a perfect opportunity to fix minor problems that you may be experiencing.

Apple improves its software with each update and fixes problems like low battery duration.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

The latest iOS version is 16. Here is a guide on How to Download and Install iOS 16.

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Check the ‘Battery Usage’

To find out what’s impacting your battery life, you can go to Battery Settings and wait for the battery information icons to load. You can use this information to see which applications or actions are most draining your battery.

You should also be able to see other information like how long you’ve used the phone since the last charge or how long it’s been since your iPhone was charging. Typically, the first figure will have to be much lower than the second.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Lower screen brightness

The screen’s brightness is one of the reasons your phone’s battery drains quickly. If it’s on maximum brightness, the battery will drain much faster.

With the brightness of the iPhone 5 at max and playing a 720p video, we saw the battery last for roughly 6 hours and 3 minutes. If you lower the brightness by halfway, it will last for 9 hours and 51 minutes.

To adjust the brightness of your screen, go to ‘Settings > Display & Brightness‘ and slide the top bar to regulate the brightness to your liking.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Automatic lock

As we’ve reaffirmed, using a screen can quickly drain the battery. You want the screen turned off to save power when you are not using it.

To do this, it is always a good idea to change your phone’s lock settings so that it locks right after you’re done using it.

If you go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Lock, you will see how long your phone should lock. The minimum is 30 seconds; if you want to save power, we recommend this option.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Turn off Wi-Fi

If you’re running out of data or without a connective Wi-Fi network, turning off Wi-Fi is a helpful way to preserve the battery. Your phone won’t be scanning for networks often when you switch off your Wi-Fi.

To disconnect from wifi, swipe up and tap on the wifi icon.

Turn off Bluetooth

As with the Wi-Fi option, Bluetooth turning on will cause your iPhone to continuously drain the battery when looking for nearby Bluetooth networks to connect to.

To disable Bluetooth, you can perform the same action as in the last example: Swipe down and tap on the Bluetooth icon.

Turn down the volume.

It’s true. One thing you should be mindful of is that your device’s volume affects its battery life. So if you are listening to music for an extended time, try not to have the volume up all the way.

Turn off the sound equalizer to preserve battery life. Go to ‘Settings > Music > EQ,‘ and ensure the word “Off” is beside EQ.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Turn off vibration

If you don’t want your phone to vibrate with notifications, turn off the ‘Tone Vibration‘ and the ‘Silent Vibration.’

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In this way, if you receive several messages or notifications, the vibrations that these cause will not drastically waste your iPhone’s battery.

You can choose a style for alerts, so you get notifications when you receive messages and the like—differently than a vibration.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Avoid visual effects

iOS 7 introduced some stunning live wallpapers to help make your iPhone look new.

Although these images with effects used as wallpapers are the most exciting, the truth is that they also drain your battery, so you should only use them when you know they won’t die.

For that reason, we recommend using wallpapers without special effects since they will help you optimize the battery life of your iPhone or iPad. This can be done by choosing a wallpaper with less detail and omitting animated images or icons.


Adjusting notification settings on your phone can save a lot of battery life. Every time you receive a notification, the screen lights up and activates the vibration- enough to wake somebody who needs their phone for work but doesn’t want it to disrupt their sleep.

If you multiply the time that a notification “wakes up” your phone by each notification you receive weekly, then, in the end, it adds up to be a long time.

We know some applications (for many users), such as WhatsApp or email, require notifications. However, often we activate the notifications of secondary apps that we don’t need.

You can customize your notifications from Settings > Notifications and select from which you want to receive notifications.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Turn off the ‘Set Automatically‘ of time

iPhones (and most smartphones) can automatically update the time depending on where you are.

Fortunately, when you land and turn data on, your iPhone will automatically update the time to match the correct Indian clock.

If you have selected the ‘Set Automatically‘ setting, your clock will automatically update whenever there are time changes without your intervention.

Although this is a convenient option when it comes to adjusting the time, it can drain your device’s battery life – if you wish to switch it off, go to ‘Settings > Date and time > Set Automatically.’

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Turn off ‘Location’

When your battery is quickly running out in your phone, the problem might not be with iOS but with what apps you have installed.

Many apps ask permission to access your location, which we usually agree to. This means your iPhone will always have it turned on, allowing different apps to know where you are.

You can use the privacy settings on your iPhone to increase the battery life. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location and turn off Location Services.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Turn off Siri

Apple has put in new measures to address reports of batteries draining significantly overnight. We advise you to turn on ‘Hey Siri‘ only when desired to avoid this issue. Every time it’s activated, the battery life suffers a significant loss.

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To deactivate Siri, go to ‘Settings > Siri and Search, and deactivate the option of ‘When you hear Hey Siri.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Turn off automatic app updates.

New apps on iOS 7 update automatically, but this can be the cause of battery drain.

Heaven forbid you’re in a meeting or busy and can’t spare the time to update your apps. If that’s the case, don’t fret! You’ll be relieved to know that this feature is optional. Head to ‘Settings > App Store and disable ‘Automatic Updates.’

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

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Shows the percentage of available battery

To see the battery percentage, go to ‘Settings‘ and enable the setting for ‘Battery Percentage.’

Your iPhone will let you know when you’re running low on battery, but it would be wise not to do anything too important if your phone reaches 10%.

20 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone Battery to Make It Last Longer

Calibrate your battery

If your battery life is significantly decreasing, there could be more work to do with your iPhone. In most cases, simple battery calibration is enough to increase the battery life again.

Apple recommends that you calibrate your battery periodically. To calibrate the battery of your iPhone or iPad, charge it until it reaches 100% (if you turn off the device during this process, it will take less time).

To make sure your battery works appropriately, it’s best to charge it up to 100% and then let the battery drain down again. This way, you’re getting all of the power out of your battery without overcharging and risking damage.

This process helps the phone to estimate battery life more accurately and, with it, check if the iPhone needs a battery change.

iPhone is always charging.

Although it is true that when the charge of the iPhone or iPad reaches 100%, it automatically stops charging, we have verified from experience that having a continuous charge to your device can cause future battery issues.

Buy a power bank

Suppose you’re one of those constantly using your mobile and are worried about the duration of your battery. In that case, you may be interested in acquiring a power bank or external battery.

This way, you can take the external charger with you so that whenever your iPhone or iPad’s battery dies, you can charge it up and keep using it.

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