In the world, ever since bitcoin gold was introduced, it has become quite confusing as to how the new forked currency can be claimed. Scammers have also become active with fraudulent claims and phishing sites flooding the Internet and appearing on search engines. So, let’s go through this blog. What can be the right way to claim a BTC gold balance without any scam? If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit Bitcoin Prime.

Bitcoin Gold is Not Currently

However, Bitcoin Gold’s mechanism may not have a consensus mechanism and does not implement replay protection. It also does not do testing and auditing. However, these conditions are essential to certify the availability of bitcoin gold to avoid any scams. But still, if you want to get bitcoin gold, here we are going to give you some important information that you should know.

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Get a Wallet

The first and foremost thing to keep cryptocurrency is that you must have a wallet. Currently, there are not many wallets or exchanges holding BTC Gold, as the currency is new. However, there are multi-wallets like Exodus and Jaxx that may be able to support it, but they don’t yet. Furthermore, any other website that claims to describe BTG or can provide you with ways to claim BTG is approximately definitely a phishing site. If you wish, you will also be able to check your BTG balance on the Important page, all you need to do is enter your public receiving address. You can get multiple gets in a BTC wallet where you can be able to store your BTC completely.

Choose a Right Wallet

Officially speaking, at present, you can choose any one of the maximum five wallets supported. The first of which is in the form of the main BTC Gold Wallet. However, this requires syncing and downloading the entire BTC blockchain, which is in the hundreds of gigabytes today and growing. That is why it is advised that most users should avoid it. However, this option only makes a lot of sense for users who intend to BTG. As well as those who are stand-alone, or those considering operating a full node. Beyond that, it’s most likely that you’ll be choosing one of the three mobile wallets that at present support BTG. There are guides posted for how to claim BTG via those. Among them are Free wallets Coinomi and Garda.

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Thieves target BTG seekers

All over the world, the majority of users are inexperienced with cryptocurrency. And it may be that this user is completely unfamiliar with what is the private key and how strong these security measures are, or what a 10-12 words recovery phrase is. Scammers are fully aware of this, so whenever a high-profile event like the BTC fork comes to the fore, they try to take full advantage of it at that time.

Keeping your BTC keys safe

Note that BTC is not the same as your bank. Because no helpline can be called, nor is there a fraud department that can help you sort out any kind of transactions and block any “suspicious transactions”. There is no way either. The ethos of BTC, on the other hand, is that it exists entirely beyond the traditional financial system and is capable of giving ultimate control to the user.

Bitcoin Gold is no different

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There are many first-page scams and phishing sites on Google for a quick search for ‘bitcoin gold’. Some include names like ‘BTGGolds’ and ‘ClimbBTG’ and ‘MyBTG’ among others. Typically, sites like this work by attempting to trick site visitors into giving up their 10-12 words recovery phrase or their private key. Therefore, never give out your private keys or recovery phrases when it comes to claiming bitcoin gold, to avoid any kind of fraud at that time.


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