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How to take a screenshot on Mac: Tips and tricks

How to take a screenshot on Mac: Tips and tricks

Screenshotting your screen on Mac can be done in many different ways, depending on how often you need to screenshot your screen. If you don’t take screenshots often, follow this guide for using the default macOS tools (the key combination will vary depending on which version of macOS you’re using). For more advanced users, an app like Skitch or Snapz Pro X might. We’ll touch on shortcuts, tips and tricks, and advanced settings for your Mac. This should help any beginner or intermediate Mac user to get more out of their computing experience.

macOS Mojave and later came with a Screenshot app that offers advanced features like a timer, select save location, show/hide mouse pointer; and more; while it can even screen record.

The new screenshot functionality is free and available to all Apple Mac users, no app installation is required.

But if you want something with even more features, a third-party app is better for this. In the following, we’ll compare both methods.

How to take a Screenshot on Mac with macOS built-in tools

If you want to take a screenshot on your Mac, here are the keyboard shortcuts you need to know:

Entire screen: shift + command + 3

Now here are the things that you can do:

Selected portion: shift + command + 4

Screenshot a window, menu, the Dock: shift + command + 4 + space bar

With macOS Screenshot app: shift + command + 5

Click Options to customize your screenshot preferences

For Macbook Pro users, if you’re using shift + command + 4 or 5 on your touch bar, you’ll get screenshot controls.

Other things to keep in mind: there’s no screenshot support on the Apple TV app and if you want to customize shortcuts, head to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Screenshots.

How to change screenshot default from PNG to JPG

By default, screenshots on Mac save to the desktop as PNG files, which tend to be larger files. To change the default to JPG (smaller file sizes), follow these steps:

defaults write type JPG

How to take a screenshot on Mac with third-party apps

CleanShot X is our top recommendation for all Mac owners looking to take a screenshot. With over 50 features, it covers pretty much every screen capture type you can think of.

Cleanshot X for mac starts from $29 for a one-time purchase that includes a year’s worth of updates. A subscription option is also available for annual updates past the first year. CleanShot Cloud Pro offers all the features including custom domain name, branding, and self-destruct control for $8/month per user when paid annually.

Other popular third-party screenshot apps for Mac:

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