Google-owned YouTube TV has announced a series of updates to enhance the experience for users. The updates include improving picture quality, introducing a new feature, and a “major” update for Apple TV users.

According to a post on the YouTube TV subreddit, the platform has launched Multiview to subscribers following March Madness, with the team working on improvements ahead of the NFL season. The platform has also launched an NFL Sunday Ticket pre-sale on YouTube TV, offering discounts to subscribers.

Of particular note is the “major update” for Apple TV users, which addresses long-standing issues with YouTube TV, such as a black screen at startup, 4K playback issues, and enabling HDR support. The post also mentions that the crash issue on first-generation Apple TV 4K devices will be resolved with a new app update coming to the App Store soon.

The update also confirms YouTube TV is rolling out transcoding changes, including a bitrate increase for 1080p content. While this change is still being tested, it may become permanent over the summer, leading to better picture quality for most users. However, the image quality improvements are being tested only on devices supporting VP9 and high-speed internet.

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The post also briefly touches on a 5.1 surround sound sync issue many subscribers are experiencing, with the YouTube TV team working to find a solution.

Overall, these updates demonstrate YouTube TV’s commitment to improving its platform’s user experience, ensuring subscribers can enjoy high-quality content without any technical issues.


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