YouTube has made changes to the testing process for new features. YouTube Premium subscribers will now also be able to access experimental features that are still in development. Previously, these features were tested with users randomly selected for beta testing.

The following new features and capabilities are currently available for YouTube Premium subscribers to test:

  • Watching videos with sound on the main YouTube screen on iOS devices with the ability to jump to the desired moments of the videos;
  • Voice search for videos on YouTube when working on a computer (only in the Chrome browser);
  • Filter videos by topics in additional languages. Users can set theme filters in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

The testing period for these features is limited in time. The first two of them can be tested until October 20, and the filtering function in additional languages ​​- until October 27.

As a reminder, in addition to being able to test new functions earlier than others, the YouTube Premium subscription offers the ability to use the service without viewing ads, start background and offline playback, and access YouTube Music.

Source: The verge

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