Xbox Series X S are Microsofts top selling consoles at 1

Xbox Series X / S are Microsoft’s top-selling consoles at launch

Microsoft has already stated that the new consoles have become the most successful in its history at the start, but now we will talk about specific numbers for the UK. Perhaps these statistics for one country would not be particularly interesting, but the UK is the second market for Xbox after the US. That is, the results are very indicative.

So what are they? On the first day, 155,000 new generation consoles were sold in the country. The last record was held by Xbox One, which sold 150,000, but in two days. Moreover, perhaps Microsoft would have sold even more if the consoles had not simply run out. The source says that the PlayStation 4 record remains unattainable, but we are talking about 250,000 consoles in two days. That is, the comparison is not very correct. Either way, for Microsoft, this is a very successful launch in one of its most important markets.

One of these days, Microsoft will most likely tell you how many consoles it sold in the first day or over the weekend around the world. In the case of Xbox One, it was 1 million in less than 24 hours.

There are also statistics on the distribution between models. It is reported that the Xbox Series X accounted for two-thirds of sales, which is slightly more than many analysts predicted, who spoke of 15-20%.

The sales of the PlayStation 5 will most likely be much higher than that of the new Microsoft consoles. Still, we must admit that in the new generation of consoles, the distribution of forces in the end turned out to be not as obvious as it seemed a few months ago, at least because Microsoft purchased Bethesda.

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