I think every user reading this article has had to use the Winamp music player at least once in their life. The peak of his popularity fell in the late 90s – early 00s. At a time when there was no talk of streaming services (in fact, not everyone had access to the Internet). One of the main features of Winamp was the support for custom skins for the player, allowing you to give it individuality. Thus, you could impress the friends who came to visit you.

If you want to delve deeper into memories and find your favorite skins, I advise you to visit the virtual museum Winamp Skin Museum.

There are more than 65 thousand Winamp skins there. All of them are quite functional – you can play songs (standard, or load your own), change the equalizer settings, volume, etc.

Previously, skins were collected in Internet Archive. But a former Facebook engineer Jordan Eldredge converted them into an interactive museum. By the way, if you have a cover that is not in the museum, you can send it to Jordan.

Which player have you used before?

Sources: The verge, Jordan eldredge, Winamp Skin Museum

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