Even if a person buys a phone with a 5000 mAh battery, this does not guarantee that the gadget will hold a charge for a long time. This problem can happen with both Android and iPhone devices.

The main reason for wasting energy is, of course, applications. And it’s not just that they often run in the background. Therefore, you need to check the settings and disable the functioning of the services for which this is possible. Very often a lot of energy is spent by various widgets. The same happens if a wi-fi access point is activated on the smartphone or the search for a wi-fi network is enabled. Also, check the location tracking option. After that, you need to assess the conditions in which the smartphone is. If it is exposed to frequent fluctuations in temperature, this will quickly deplete the battery level and reduce battery life.

Why does my smartphone drain quickly?

If you often use various games, you need to lower the screen brightness as much as possible. In the settings, you also need to find the point for synchronizing the application, various data, updates and notifications.

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In any smartphone, you can see in the battery settings the level of energy use for each installed application. Thus, you can get rid of energy-intensive programs or adjust their work. In addition, you need to remember to correctly shut down the application so that they do not remain running in the background. You need to get rid of unnecessary home screen widgets that are updated frequently. Usually it is weather, balance, biometric data.

When the subscriber is in an area with an unstable network level, for example, on the road, it is wiser to turn on the “airplane” mode, this will reduce power consumption. If you have a lot of social media messengers installed on your smartphone, you can get rid of unnecessary notifications. This can be done in the application settings. If notifications are still important, for example, in bank applications, then you need to take care that they do not light up the screen again. You need to go to the display settings and enable the “Ambient Display” option. As for GPS tracking, you need to completely disable geolocation in the phone settings, or determine which applications request this data and disable location tracking.

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Why does a smartphone drain quickly

In almost all smartphones, in case the battery level drops to a certain point, there is an energy-saving mode. It can be activated automatically or manually. In any case, the smartphone will notify you when the charge level reaches, for example, 20%. The Samsung Galaxy line has a mode that turns off all unnecessary applications, except for mail, watches, calls and SMS.

You also need to pay attention to a comfortable level of screen brightness. Almost certainly it can be reduced or turned on the automatic brightness selection mode depending on the lighting. Choosing a dark theme for your smartphone and apps also contributes to longer battery life. It is also recommended to get rid of live wallpapers, long-term operation of the phone screen when idle and vibration.

Is your phone running out of battery quickly?


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