Developing applications and software in the broadest sense requires the right tools. One useful solution is the use of feature flags. These unique tools can greatly simplify the day-to-day work of development teams, which is why many companies are choosing to use them.

  1. What are feature flags?
  2. What are the benefits of using things like feature flag?
  3. Feature flagging – who should implement feature flags?

With solutions such as feature flags, you can manage new features in the best way and work even better creating software. What are they really and how do they work?

What are feature flags?

Feature flags are a kind of feature toggles. Their presence allows you to enable and disable individual, new features. At the same time, thanks to them, there is no need to modify the source code or reimplement. With the feature flagging system, you can implement any new feature into your project while not showing it to users right away. What’s more, feature toggle also allows you to share a selected feature with a specific group of people. Feature flag implementation is an opportunity to separate code paths in different phases of development and enjoy the benefits of this.

What are the benefits of using things like feature flag?

There is a reason why all major developers use implementing feature flags. They make many processes much simpler. First of all, they allow you to improve the way you implement features. Moreover, they also have a direct impact on the operational efficiency of the system. Continuous experimentation feature flags are an ideal way to reduce the occurrence of errors and unexpected problems. It is worth noting that using them also allows you to use tests and experiments at the highest possible level.

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Feature flagging – who should implement feature flags?

When it comes to code deployment and its broader production feature flags are extremely important elements. With feature flag management, you can function much better on a daily basis. Modern solutions of this type allow you to make the most of the tools available during programming. They are used primarily by teams of developers or engineers. Special continuous delivery feature flags are a great choice for all companies that care about the highest possible level of delivered software. It is good, during their introduction, to use the services of specialists, such as those available at There you will find specialized and educated people who work well with clients and offer excellent tools.


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