WhatsApp continues to enhance its platform with new features and improvements to provide a captivating user experience. The latest addition to the popular messaging app is the ability to send high-quality photos to contacts. This feature is currently available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

Selecting Photo Quality

Screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo reveal that when a user attempts to share a large image file, WhatsApp displays an HD-quality icon at the top of the photo-sharing window. Users can choose between standard or HD quality for the image they wish to send by tapping on the icon.

WhatsApp Introduces High-Quality Photo Sharing in Beta Version

Availability and Requirements

The option for high-quality photo sharing is currently visible only in the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Users of the stable version will have to wait for its official release to access this feature. Additionally, it is currently unclear what file size WhatsApp considers as “large” to trigger the availability of the HD photo option.

You can register as a Whatsapp tester and get access to Whatsapp Beta here.

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Image Compression and HD Tags

It’s important to note that even with the introduction of high-quality photo sharing, WhatsApp still applies some image compression to maintain efficiency. However, users can now send better-quality photos to individuals and groups. When a photo is shared in HD quality, WhatsApp will mark it with a new tag, allowing users to identify high-quality images quickly.

Limitations and Video Support

It’s worth mentioning that the HD quality feature is exclusive to photos and does not apply to videos. Users can send higher-quality videos using the document option within the app. Additionally, the new feature does not extend to photos shared in status updates.

Enjoying Enhanced Photo Sharing

WhatsApp’s introduction of high-quality photo sharing in its beta version demonstrates its commitment to continually improving its platform. While the feature is still subject to image compression, users can now enjoy sending better-quality photos to enrich their messaging experience.


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