Dust is considered the main enemy of any technology, especially computers. At first, everything may be in order, but at one point the device may simply not turn on or turn off instantly. This is due to the fact that a huge amount of dust accumulates, which does not allow cooling of the component system, and as a result, the overheating protection is activated and the computer automatically turns off. Today, most housings are equipped with special filters that protect against dust. Recently, the power supply unit, which is located on top, has been popular. Thanks to this system, the computer heats up less.

What needs to be done to reduce the accumulation of dust?

  • the computer case should only have excess pressure;
  • the air from the PC must come out on its own;
  • many older computer models have only one fan, which is designed to blow out;
  • install another blower fan; the best way to do this is on the front panel;
  • it is also necessary to remove the “floppy drive”, and then cover the space with a filter that protects against dust; doing so will allow the cool air to flow better to the computer case.What you need to do to prevent dust from getting into the system unit

It is very important to protect the fans themselves, which work on blowing from fine dust; but on the fan, which is located at the back, a dust filter is not required.

For those configurations that are significantly more powerful, a sufficient amount of air masses will also be required. It is necessary to observe the key rule, which is that the volume of air masses in the case should be greater, then various debris will come out through the cells and fans that work for blowing.What you need to do to prevent dust from getting into the system unit

One more nuance – you shouldn’t install too many coolers for injection, otherwise the components won’t have time to cool down. Also, do not leave a large space without a dust filter. It is important not to forget that hot air is blown out through the fan system.

What you need to do to prevent dust from getting into the system unit

Top tips on how to remove dust from a computer device:

  • wipe the screen as often as possible with a microfiber cloth;
  • remove dirt from the display with white vinegar;
  • toothpaste will help remove minor scratches.What you need to do to prevent dust from getting into the system unit

Have you ever encountered a huge amount of dust interfering with your computer?

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