Sometimes mismatch occurs when audio and video are not in unison, but diverge. It is very inconvenient to watch such a film or video. Then how can you get out of the situation?

First you need to understand the reasons.

Firstly, it is worth considering that any video, that is, part of it, is cached when viewed online. In other words, it is loaded a little earlier than the actual broadcast. And that is why even if the Internet connection is suddenly interrupted, the video continues to run for some time.

If a failure occurs inside the system, then you can stop the video, and then start it again. If this does not help, and the sound does not match the image again, then you need to look for another reason.

What to do if the sound lags behind the video

The problem may be not only in the browser, it may be the video card that is unable to broadcast high-definition video.

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In simple terms, the card does not pull. Most often it will look like this – the sound will go unchanged, and the picture will come in pieces, fragments, or even freeze.

It will be possible to solve the problem only if a video card of higher power is purchased.

When watching a video on YouTube, you can lower the video quality in the settings. This will help connect sound and image.

Below there are indicators “Quality”, there you can select the parameter of interest.

Nowadays it is quite convenient to watch movies through the player without downloading them to your computer. After all, when loading, firstly, it takes up disk space, and, secondly, you can add viruses. But when watching a video, it may happen that the sound is lost or ahead of the picture. This is due to the built-in players. Nothing depends on the browser. Therefore, there is no need to waste time, you just need to look for another film with a higher quality.

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What to do if the sound lags behind the video

Making sure that the problem is not the device, but the quality of the video is quite simple. To do this, you need to copy the link and transfer it to another device. If the result turns out to be identical, then doubts are meaningless – another source is needed.

If not, then you need to update the drivers for the sound and for the video card. It is important to see how other devices work, if something is wrong with one of them, on the contrary, there will be a red exclamation mark. This is a signal for help.

Have you had situations when the video broadcast did not match the sound? How did you manage to solve the problem?


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