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What is USB debugging, and how do I enable it?

What is USB debugging, and how do I enable it?

By activating USB debugging, you get additional options for accessing your Android smartphone. We will tell you how to enable this function and what you need to take into account.

What is USB Debugging?

Debugging is the process of finding and fixing bugs in software (from English bugs). When USB debugging is activated, your smartphone (or tablet), when connected to a PC with a USB cable, goes into a particular mode. In it, you can view and even modify files on your smartphone from your computer. If you want to root your gadget, you may also need to activate USB debugging first.

But keep in mind that the function carries with it certain risks and should only be activated if you need it. Also, an attacker can thus bypass the smartphone lock and gain access to protected data.

USB Debugging: Activate the “For Developers” section

To access USB debugging, you must first activate the “For Developers” section. You only need to do this once. However, the exact designations of this section may differ slightly depending on the Android version and device manufacturer:

Open the settings on your smartphone or tablet.

How to enable USB debugging on Android?

After unlocking developer options, you will have access to USB debugging.

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