Nowadays, more and more wireless headphones are in demand. They are much more comfortable than the classic ones, which are easier to damage due to their clinginess. It is enough to turn on, insert each earbud into your ear and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music. Their only drawback is that they can be discharged at the wrong time. These devices typically discharge in three or four hours of continuous use.

Almost all of the headphones in stores try in some way to imitate the Airpods from the leading Apple company.

What is the best way to charge wireless headphones

Their structure is as follows: case, cord and earbuds. This device is charged with only 4 options, the only correct of its kind:

  1. The case in which the headphones are stored is being charged. A microUSB wire is connected to it, which in turn is connected to a power supply or another, but already standard USB port. All this happens within two or four hours. As soon as the charging has been completed, the color of the signal on the case changes, or it fades out.
  2. The headphones are recharged by going to the case for one or two hours. As soon as the action is completed, the indicator changes color. Most often, when charging, it is red, and it changes to blue, white, or turns off.
  3. The earbuds are charged directly with a specially adapted cable. Most often, on the one hand, they are connected to the headphones, and on the other to the recharging device, the time spent on charging is the same as in the case, one or two hours.
  4. And finally, the last method is wireless charging, but this is included with the most expensive headphones.
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Required recommendations

It is important to use the native wire that was sold with the headphones, other cables may ruin the connector or not connect properly at all. This applies to standard charging parameters, if you use more powerful than usual, the device may break faster. This mainly happens after 400 charges of the case, after which it deteriorates, and you need to purchase a new one.

What is the best way to charge wireless headphones

In the case of models from JBL, charging is carried out mainly by the first method described earlier.

The most important thing when charging is to handle the connectors carefully, they are the most fragile part of the headphones that you need to take care of.

Which charging method do you like the most?


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