Most smartphone brands have their own Black List. Using the option, you can sort messages and calls from unwanted callers. So, for example, in the Samsung blacklist, such an option can be easily tracked.

What is the blacklist for Samsung

Sometimes you unwittingly stumble upon situations when obsessive managers or former lovers get you. In this case, the blacklist will help – an assistant that easily blocks unwanted “guests” on your device. Thus, you can make a whole list of who will be out of the reach of the subscriber.

Blacklist on Samsung: where it is located and how to use it

Where to find Black List on Samsung device?

The blacklist option can sometimes be found in various places. It depends on both the type of phone and the version of android on the phone. In order to get into an emergency, you need to go to the smartphone application. Then:

  1. In the window with the keyboard to dial the number, you need to click on the three dots above;
  2. The “settings” will pop up – select this option;
  3. In the new window, select the line “Blocking numbers”;
  4. In the blacklist application window, you can enable the function of blocking other people’s numbers. This ensures that calls only come from known callers.
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When there is a need to find a contact, add it to the blacklist and remove it from the call list, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the smartphone application. Just press the handset button on the main menu of the start page.
  2. Select “Contacts” and press “Options” higher.
  3. Then press the button with settings.
  4. For some devices, you need to select call blocking. Next, a list of blocking a Samsung smartphone opens.

The list will display the numbers previously entered in the list. Or it will be clean when opened for the first time. There are three ways to add a contact in this window: entering numbering, adding a number from the list or from the call log. You just need to select the desired number and add in any way. When the required numbers are in the list, they can be removed by clicking the red tint icon. The standard package has a set of specific functions. But they are enough to manage the black list of contacts. More diverse features can be downloaded to Samsung from the Play Market.

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You can download the Call Blocker app for Samsung smartphones. This will help fight not only unnecessary numbers, but also identify fraudsters.

Do you know how to use a blacklist?


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