What happens if you scan a mirror? How will the scanner and mirror behave? It is no secret that theory and practice often diverge and the actual result of the experiment may be far from the assumptions made.

It is doubly interesting, because psychics endow the mirror with mystical properties, conduct rituals with it. There are many signs associated with the mirror. It is believed that if it beats, then it is not good. Two parallel mirrors that form a mirrored corridor are intimidating.


What happens if you scan a mirror

Theorists have suggested that when scanning a mirror:

  • The scanner will fail.
  • A dark spot appears.
  • An entrance to a parallel world will open on paper.
  • You will get the actual mirror image.
  • Scanning will start with a delay, from about the middle of the process.
  • The faces of the people who used the mirror will appear.
  • A blank sheet of paper will come out.

There were other versions, because human fantasy knows no boundaries.


The authors found arguments in favor of their versions. Indeed, the scanner is a sensitive device, the light from it, falling on the mirror surface, will be reflected into the scanner. Backlighting can cause damage.

Supporters of the “dark spot” on paper believe that the output will be an overexposed image – due to an overabundance of light. On a white sheet of paper, it will appear as a dark spot.

What happens if you scan a mirror

A window to the other world is completely out of the realm of fantasy, but one should not forget that people have believed in the existence of parallel worlds since time immemorial. It is unknown whether it will open or not, because even scientists do not have a common opinion on this issue. So, it is impossible to confirm or deny this statement, no matter how fantastic it may seem.

Actual results

What happens if you scan a mirror

And yet, what will be the result when scanning a mirror? There can be three of them, depending on the characteristics of the accessory itself, the degree of its wear.

  1. When you scan a new mirror without scuffs, a dark outline will appear on the paper – this is the frame of the mirror. It will look like a darkened round spot.
  2. Used mirrors with scuffs will have different results. All fingerprints, scratches and other defects are scanned and “decorate” the dark spot.
  3. When scanning with the cover open – and this is possible if the mirror is thick, overall – the shape of the reflection will not change. It will be the same outline, but its color will be lighter. This is because more light falls on the object when the cover is open than comes from the scan roller.

So the theorists who assumed the “dark spot” effect were right. Which version did you lean towards?

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