Microsoft is rightfully proud of Windows 10. This operating system is versatile, functional, suitable for all stationary and mobile devices. The simple interface does not cause difficulties for users, but everyone is wrong. And, as practice shows, users of the operating system also make mistakes – they are typical. What are these errors and how critical are they?

One account

Users do not bother with passwords, but more often use one account for all services. Although passwords in Windows 10 protect data well from hacking using hacker programs.

Windows 10: what common mistakes users make

The system of accounts in the updated version of the OS works quickly and much better than in the same Windows 7. But it is still not used by everyone.

Automatic driver installation

This, of course, is convenient when the software itself installs a driver for a flash drive, other removable media or connected equipment. Time saving, but perfect operation of the same scanner can be achieved by installing the driver manually.

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The best option is to download it from the manufacturer’s official website. Experiments with the selection and installation of a driver for a video card manually showed that the speed and quality of video playback improved significantly.

Removed traces

Users remove programs through the “Control Panel”, from the recycle bin, and this is limited. And in vain, because traces of the deleted program can remain in the computer, conflict with other software, and slow down its work.

To avoid this, after uninstalling programs, you need to view Program Files, Users / AppData. There may be some files left that will have to be deleted manually. After all, over time, this rubbish will accumulate a decent amount.

Third party personalization software

Personalization programs developed by third-party services are called tweakers. They load the system additionally and can be potentially dangerous.

Windows 10: what common mistakes users make

Files on the desktop

I don’t want to look for the desired file in folders. Users found a way out – save them to the desktop to open with one click. You don’t need to do this because the desktop is designed to store shortcuts. And even then, if possible, they should be hidden. The cleaner the desk, the faster the computer boots and runs.

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Everything in one folder

The developers listened to the wishes and comments of users and finalized this option. Now all files can be folded into one folder and not be afraid that the OS will slow down.

And yet it is better to sort by folders, so the problems of “braking” will arise – it’s a matter of time. And in general, the disk, the basket must be monitored, cleaned of unnecessary information in time.

Curious to know which of the following mistakes you make?


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