Probably all iOS users have an unwritten set of applications that we ignore and do not install under any circumstances. Some have applications for cleaning memory, others have utilities to increase autonomy, and still, others have social networks. Since there is no dangerous software in the App Store, we do not set positions from the “blacklist” simply because we consider them useless or distracting. However, experts say that there are types of applications that can harm our devices’ autonomy. I wonder what these applications are?

How to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone or Apple Watch?

What apps are quietly "killing" your iPhone's battery?

Some iOS apps use up your battery in a way you don’t even notice

Of course, the App Store is full of resource-intensive apps that use more power than others. These are games, photo editors, and video editing applications. However, according to Harriet Chen, co-founder of CocoFinder, at least one app made it to the top of the list regarding energy consumption, Snapchat. What? Yes, it sounds strange, to say the least, but Chen has an explanation.

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Why iPhone runs out of battery quickly?

What apps are quietly "killing" your iPhone's battery?

Snapchat is one of the most resource-intensive apps out there that doesn’t seem like it at all.

You should never download Snapchat because it just kills your iPhone’s battery. This application greatly affects the autonomy of the smartphone, because it constantly updates the information about the current location, not allowing it to fall asleep, continuously communicates with the Internet to receive notifications. This means that regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi or cellular data, the charge will literally melt before your eyes, ” Chen explained.

However, in addition to passive functions that lead to battery discharge, there are also active ones, Chen recalls. The use of the camera and special effects in augmented reality puts a serious strain on the battery. But if you can control this function yourself, then passive updating is already more difficult. The most that can be done is to disable in the iOS settings Snapchat’s detection of your location in the background. This will save battery life by preventing the app from accessing location services while not using it. Also, you can completely turn off notifications so that the service does not update continuously while waiting for them and does not send them every minute, activating the screen and consuming the battery.

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Apps that eat the iphone’s battery!

What apps are quietly "killing" your iPhone's battery?

In fact, all social applications consume many resources in the background, and you think that you spend a lot of time in them.

Honestly, it seems like Chen has some personal account with Snapchat. After all, I can immediately name from the heels of applications that do about the same thing as Snapchat:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Whatsapp
  • In contact with
  • Twitter

The list can actually take a very long time because a colossal number of applications track users’ locations and send notifications. For example, I don’t use Snapchat and use very little Instagram, but I have Twitter, eating up a fair amount of battery power. It’s just that throughout the day, I receive hundreds of notifications about events that have occurred, news feeds that need to be “worked out,” etc. Accordingly, the screens of my devices rarely go out for more than 10 minutes. As you know, this directly affects the discharge of the battery, although I interact very little directly with Twitter.

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Is it possible to fight this? Of course. But the most effective solution to this issue is the most cardinal. All you need to do is to refuse most of the notifications or delete the application. Some people do that. But if your work is associated with events that need to be responded to immediately, or you often communicate with colleagues or loved ones in messengers, social networks, or cannot imagine your life without flipping through the feed or Instagram stories. Here are some accessories that can be useful.


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