Despite the cost of $549 and the number of advantages that AirPods Max give to their owners, the complete case has become a disappointment for many. It not only looks rather strange but also does not really protect the headphones from damage. Fortunately, third-party companies did not disregard the new Apple product, and Waterfield Designs was one of the first to release Shield Case for AirPods Max.

Interestingly, Waterfield Designs first got the opinion of about 1200 potential buyers on what the perfect headphone case should look like. And they implemented most of the wishes in the Shield Case.

The Shield Case has a classic form factor, like many headphone cases in this price range. AirPods Max fit completely inside the case, so the aluminium parts are protected from damage. The interior of the case is made of a soft material that prevents scratches. They decided not to waste the free space under the headboard, having provided a pocket for storing the power supply and cable.

The Shield Case also boasts the AirPods Max’s ability in maximum power saving mode, just like Apple’s signature cause. Waterfield Designs has also addressed recharging the earbuds in the case – thanks to two clasps. You can leave a small hole for the cable. The outer part of the case is made of leather and available in several colours. Plus there is an external pocket for storing cables and other stuff.

The cost Shield Case for AirPods Max by Waterfield Designs is $99.

Sources: Engadget, SFBags

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