The official presentation of the electric crossover Volkswagen ID.4 is getting closer, and the German automaker, meanwhile, continues to fuel interest in the electric car. In another interview, representatives of the company spoke about their plans to sell half a million ID.4 per year.

“Volkswagen is aiming to become the global leader in the electric vehicle market – but that won’t happen by itself. Volkswagen will invest around € 11 billion in this industry by 2024. As a compact SUV, the ID.4 has, in our opinion, the best preconditions for success in all important markets. We expect about 1.5 million electric vehicles to be produced under the Volkswagen brand by 2025. And the ID.4 model will account for about a third of that number. ”- said Ralf Brandstatter, head of Volkswagen.

At the moment, the ID.4 is already being produced at a plant in Germany, and the electric car will also be assembled in China. In addition, the company plans to build a new plant in the United States in 2022 to expand its electric crossover production capacity.

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A full presentation of the Volkswagen ID.4 will take place on 23 September. The first deliveries of new items are scheduled for the coming weeks.

Source: Electrek

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