Volkswagen has officially confirmed that the electric version of the Golf at the Dresden plant has ceased since yesterday. Instead, the ID.3 electric hatchback will be produced.

The e-Golf was designed based on the seventh generation Golf with an internal combustion engine. It was produced in limited quantities but gained some popularity. From 2014 to yesterday, 145,561 e-Golf vehicles were produced.

However, now the e-Golf needs to give way to the company’s new generation of electric cars represented by the ID.3 model. By the end of next year, Volkswagen plans to produce more ID.3s than the e-Golf has ever produced. The company wants to start production of the ID.3 at its Dresden plant next month.

By the way, Volkswagen has already delivered about 30,000 ID.3 electric vehicles to its customers and is looking to ramp up production to meet demand. Moreover, next year the cheaper version of ID.3 should go on sale.

A source: Electrek

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