As promised, the Vivo brand has demonstrated a new shell called OriginOS, which will replace FuntouchOS. The launcher has been completely overhauled with a focus on widgets that can be updated.

Vivo says it has focused primarily on design, smoothness, and usability in developing the new shell. As you can see, the company forgot to mention in this list the iOS system, which it was clearly inspired by. However, FuntouchOS also borrowed many elements and styles from iOS.

Vivo also announced that OriginOS should be less resource-intensive than FuntouchOS. It will have lower RAM requirements. This, in theory, should have a positive effect on the autonomous operation of devices. However, it would help if you waited for the first smartphones with OriginOS to see for yourself. But Vivo has not yet specified exactly when the public release of OriginOS will take place.

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