Gmail is a free email service owned by the giant Google. It is available to owners of PCs and mobile devices. The main task of the user is to ensure data protection. And this can be achieved using simple methods.

Blocking spammers

If there was a regular blockage of mail, then Gmail did not perceive these letters as spam. You can block a specific sender. To do this, you need to open the letter sent to them, click on three dots (they are located in the upper right corner), and select “Block sender.” From now on, all messages from this address will automatically appear in the spam folder.

The second way involves using filters. Here again, you need to click on the 3 dots located on the right, find “Filter similar letters,” click on this item. A menu will appear on the screen in which you need to define the criteria (for example, the sender’s address, a suitable subject, and words). The user will also have to decide exactly how the system should deal with such messages: mark them as read, add them to the archive, and count them as spam.

Extending the “Cancel Send” option

With its help, return a letter that was sent but not yet received by the addressee. When this option is started, the message transmission process can be delayed by 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. This feature is useful if you find typos in the text or send an email to the wrong user.

The default time for this option is 10 seconds. However, it is recommended to set the maximum value. To do this, you need:

  • Click on the gear image (in the upper right corner);
  • find “All settings”;
  • select “General”;
  • in the list that appears, find “Cancel sending,” click on it.

Using confidential mode

In this case, the recipients will not have options such as copying, forwarding, printing, or downloading your message. This mode allows you to set the period after which the message will be deleted and the access code.

To start a confidential mode, you must click on the lock icon when writing a new letter. It can be seen at the bottom, next to the “Add photo” option.

Deleting data saved offline

You can also use Gmail offline. This is useful in cases where the Internet connection is not very stable. However, the security will be poor.

If you have to share a PC with several colleagues or the computer is installed, for example, in a library. The user must delete the data immediately after logging out of his account. You should go to the settings and open the “Offline” tab. There, select “Security” and configure the system to delete offline mail data from the PC. And be sure to log out after finishing working with letters.

Hiding the image

Nowadays, many users are faced with email tracking. The bottom line is that it will not be difficult for the sender to find out if his letter was opened, sent to someone, when and on what device it was done. All this is possible, thanks to the small embedded images. They even have a name – “tracking pixels.” They contain useful information for marketers.

If the user does not want to be followed, he can hide all images. This is done in the settings. There you should first click on the “General” tab, then on “Image,” and choose the item “Ask if you want to show images.” From now on, no pictures in the incoming will be visible.

Have you taken care of the security of your email?

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