Google has added a new option that allows users to opt-out using their data in Gmail, Chat, and Meet for smart features like Smart Compose and Smart Reply.

Previously, users could turn these individual features on and off. However, a new switch will completely deactivate the background processing that makes these features possible. Google says the new option will be launched “in the coming weeks.”

From the images posted, Gmail users will be presented with two dialog boxes showing different approaches to processing data. In the first case, we are talking about intelligent functions that allow you to sort e-mail, use smart input cards, extract event data from the letter’s contents to create entries in the calendar. Google advises that users will not be able to access these features if they opt-out of data processing. The second dialog allows users to opt-out of using Gmail, Chat, and Meet data in other Google products, such as Assistant (may prompt you to pay bills), Maps (may show restaurant reservations), and GPay (loyalty cards and tickets ). After disabling the collection of this data, users can return to using it through their Gmail settings.

Google says the new setting will be offered and existing options to enable or disable each of these features individually. However, users will not have granular control over data processing for individual functions. In other words, you won’t be able to opt-out of just collecting data for Smart Compose but continue to use other smart features. According to the company, this is because all functions are based on the same data.

Source: The verge

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