Apple iPads are known for their impressive performance, but have you ever wondered how much RAM is packed into each model? While Apple doesn’t publicly disclose this information, details about the iPad’s memory can be found through comparisons and other sources. Look at the comprehensive list below to discover the RAM specifications of various iPad models.

Apple’s Focus on Performance

Unlike some competitors that emphasize RAM specifications, Apple takes a different approach. The company focuses on creating devices that deliver exceptional performance by fine-tuning the hardware and software integration. By controlling both aspects, Apple optimizes the efficiency and power of its iPads, surpassing the performance of many Android tablets and even some PCs with higher RAM configurations.

RAM Variations Based on Storage

While Apple doesn’t differentiate iPad models based on RAM alone, there is variation depending on the storage capacity. For instance, iPad Pro models with 1TB or higher storage options are equipped with 16GB of RAM, while those with 512GB or less have 8GB of RAM.

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Exploring the Full List of iPad RAM Specifications

Below is an overview of the RAM specifications for each iPad model:

iPad 11″ 4th generation: 8 or 16 GB RAM

iPad 12.9″ 6th generation: 8 or 16 GB RAM

iPad Pro 11″ 3rd generation: 8 or 16 GB RAM

iPad Pro 12.9″ 5th generation: 8 or 16 GB RAM

iPad Air 5th generation: 8 GB RAM

iPad mini 6th generation: 4GB RAM

iPad Air 4th generation: 4GB RAM

iPad Pro 11″ 2nd generation: 6 GB RAM

iPad Pro 12.9″ 4th generation: 6 GB RAM

iPad mini 5th generation: 3 GB RAM

iPad Air 3rd generation: 3 GB RAM

iPad Pro 11″: 4 or 6 GB RAM

iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd generation: 4 or 6 GB RAM

iPad Pro 10.5″: 4GB RAM

iPad Pro 12.9″ 2nd generation: 4GB RAM

iPad Pro 9.7″: 2 GB RAM

iPad Pro 12.9″: 4GB RAM

iPad mini 4th generation: 2 GB RAM

iPad mini 3rd generation: 1 GB RAM

iPad mini 2nd generation: 1 GB RAM

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Original iPad: 256 MB RAM

Did any of these RAM specifications surprise you? Apple’s utilization of RAM in the iPad has evolved over the years, and each iteration offers unique performance capabilities. Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments section below!

We hope you found this comprehensive list of iPad RAM specifications informative. Thank you for reading!


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