Apple has now rolled out the third beta version of iOS 17 to developers on Wednesday, delivering various new features and changes, including a new feature for Apple Music and numerous User Interface (UI) tweaks.

Introduction of the New Beta

This new update comes two weeks after its previous beta version was released. As part of this testing process, we have installed the latest beta version on an iPhone 14 Pro to explore Apple’s new features and bug fixes.

Unveiling the Latest iOS 17 Beta 3: New Features and Tweaks

Improved Safari Experience

This update addresses a significant bug in Safari. In the previous two versions of iOS 17, HDR video had been disabled. With the latest update, brightness levels are correctly configured, resulting in bright and saturated images. Apart from this significant fix, Apple has also addressed several other bugs which have not received widespread coverage.

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New Features in Music and More

The leading feature of the third developer beta is the full display of the artist and composer for songs within the Music app. When users click the ellipsis on a song, a new option to view the song’s credits appears.

Unveiling the Latest iOS 17 Beta 3: New Features and Tweaks

Music lovers can now view performers, writers, and engineers involved in song creation. Apple even labels the lossless and spatial properties of songs.

The Home app now also sports a new screensaver, advertising the new features in iOS 17.

Home App Updates and Activity History

The new features promoted include reactive widgets for the home screen, a fresh look for some accessories, and an activity history. The latest beta seems to be extending the functionality of the home activity feature to more users.

Earlier, some users could access home activity before the release of beta 3, but we could not do so. On our Developer Beta 2 device, the activity history was unavailable.

Unveiling the Latest iOS 17 Beta 3: New Features and Tweaks

Enhancements in Weather App and Photo Recovery

Apple has updated the air quality map’s user interface within the Weather app. AQI and accompanying text have become more extensive, with screen elements organized differently.

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In the Photos app, when attempting to recover a photo or multiple photos, a new, more concise modal window is displayed that doesn’t envelop the entire bottom of the screen.

Unveiling the Latest iOS 17 Beta 3: New Features and Tweaks

Sharing Photos through Messages

Lastly, when you share a photo from Posts, the new tool selector replaces the Photos icon with your most recent image, a subtle but welcoming touch.

Unveiling the Latest iOS 17 Beta 3: New Features and Tweaks

Anticipating the Public Beta of iOS 17

If we go by Apple’s history, we can expect the release of a public beta of iOS 17 soon. Our best guess would be Monday, July 10, for the launch of the first public beta of iOS 17.

Users eager to try the public beta can visit to sign up for Apple’s public beta program. Public betas are always released at least a day after developer betas to ensure stability and rectify any significant bugs before regular users can test the system.

If you haven’t installed iOS 17 yet, here is a guide you can use: How to Safely Download and Install iOS 17 Beta on Your iPhone


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