Digital television has added a number of different benefits to people’s lives. Thanks to him, it became possible to watch TV with better quality images. However, not all devices support digital television. This can be corrected by connecting a dedicated receiver. Many people use these wonderful devices. There are digital set-top box features that not all users are aware of. How to use their functionality in full?

Unknown functions of digital set-top boxes

  1. The ability to watch the current TV program. The screen displays the name of the channel and the program that can be watched on it at present. It is easy to test this function by pressing the EPG button on the remote. Also, this button is often called GUIDE.
  2. It may well be that the digital set-top box has a USB input. You can connect an external hard drive or USB flash drive to this input. Thanks to this, it will be possible to view the photos and videos available on them, as well as record TV broadcasts. In addition, scheduled recording will become available. And finally, an interesting addition – you can pause the broadcast.
  3. Often there is a nuisance when the TV signal is very weak, and the user has to look for the best place to install the antenna. It is good to display the power scale on the screen to find the ideal antenna placement. To do this, press the INFO button twice on the remote control.Unknown functions of digital set-top boxes

Most often, this problem has to be solved in places located far from the city (in the country or during bad weather).

  1. Currently, the stores have a huge selection of digital set-top boxes with the ability to connect to the Internet. It is easy to insert a WI-FI adapter into the USB connector of such set-top boxes. This will allow you to watch videos from the World Wide Web in real time. In this case, the user will not even need to download the video to view it on TV using a flash drive. You just need to connect the device and find the desired video on the Internet yourself.

Thus, if you use the full potential of digital set-top boxes, you can heartily enjoy the wide functionality of digital television. You just need to carefully study what this device is capable of.

Have you ever had problems using digital set-top boxes?

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