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UNIQUE Productivity Apps for Android and iOS to Achieve Daily Goals and Objectives

UNIQUE Productivity Apps for Android and iOS to Achieve Daily Goals and Objectives

Various apps can improve productivity and discipline, including time management, habit-changing, and goal-tracking. While some apps help you with specific tasks, others are designed to provide overall assistance with productivity. Well-designed goal-tracking apps can help you organize and work towards achieving your goals positively and productively. These apps are usually user-friendly and motivate you to achieve more. In this list, you’ll find some of the most popular and unique productivity apps for Android and iOS that are currently available.

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1. Next Time I’m Up Reminder

This reminder app utilizes motion detection technology to help you remember tasks on your to-do list. When you open the app, you can add reminders from a list of 36 preset options, such as taking medications, doing laundry, or creating a shopping list. You can also create your own reminder with a chosen color and icon. Once the app detects that you’re awake, it sends notifications for the selected tasks. This app simplifies organizing your daily activities in one convenient location.

Download: Next Time I’m Up Reminder for iOS ($1) | Android ($1)

2. Structured – Daily Planner

Structured is a highly rated planner app in the App Store, with a 4.8 rating from 11.3 users. It provides a single space where you can see everything you need to know for the day ahead.

With over 500 icons to choose from, you can customize your daily tasks and arrange them in a schedule that works for you. The app allows you to add both recurring and one-time tasks to your calendar section, and keep track of any additional tasks in your Inbox.

You can set up urgent notifications for any task to stay on top of important meetings and appointments. Whether you’re planning your workday, school day, or a busy schedule, Structured keeps everything organized and makes it easy to manage all your tasks.

Download: Structured – Daily Planner for iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Bento: The Do Less To-Do List

Bento is a task management app that encourages users to prioritize their tasks and avoid burnout by limiting them to only three tasks per day. It also offers a focus mode to improve workflow.

During setup, users assign a task to each of the three compartments in a bento box. The tasks are categorized as small, medium, or large, and given approximate deadlines. When ready, users hit the “Start” button and focus on the three most important tasks of the day.

In addition, Bento allows users to schedule their workflows according to their energy levels. For example, the “Eat That Frog” method involves tackling the biggest task first, while “Slow Burn” involves starting with the smallest task. This smart scheduling feature allows users to tailor their schedules based on the level of difficulty they want to tackle each day.

Download: Bento: The Do Less To-Do List for iOS ($5.99) | Android (6.99 USD)

4. Planner & Journal – Zinnia

Zinnia is a unique planning app that combines habit trackers, to-do lists, and weekly planners with Washi ribbon, stickers, and other decorative elements, making planning a fun and personalized experience. The app’s standout feature is its ability to fully customize everything, from font selection to design elements, setting it apart from other task scheduling apps.

To get started, users can explore Studio to learn about the app’s design elements and features. They can then choose from a variety of ready-made templates or create their own pages to suit their specific needs. These templates cover everything from tracking mortgage payments and managing a family budget to preparing for an event or tracking sleep habits.

Users can add images, text, frames, and graphics to their pages when working with a blank magazine or form. The app also offers a collection of cute bullets for bullet note-taking enthusiasts. The scheduler can be used directly from the app or pages can be printed for use in a physical planner. Projects can also be saved as PDFs.

Overall, Zinnia is a great option for those looking for a single space to manage to-do lists, financial habits, and health and fitness goals in a fun and innovative way.

Download: Planner & Journal – Zinnia for iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. DayStamp – Habit Tracker

This habit tracking app offers an intuitive and visually pleasing way to organize activities with color coding and useful statistics. Whether you’re aiming to establish healthy habits or set up a productive morning routine, the app is designed to help you stay on track.

If you’re not sure which habits to add, the Ideas screen provides several examples, such as taking vitamins or reading more often.

The app provides weekly reports and a monthly review section to track your progress over time. While the free version of the app contains pop-up ads, the premium subscription offers an ad-free experience.

Download: DayStamp – Habit Tracker for iOS (Free, Subscription Available)

6. Habit Tracker – Proddy

Proddy is an effective habit tracking app that helps you develop simple habits into more challenging ones over time. To begin, add a habit by giving it a name and assigning it to a specific area of life, such as productivity or health. You can also provide a motivational reason for maintaining the habit. The statistics screen allows you to track your progress with your habits.

In addition, the “Lessons” screen offers audio content about habit formation, and there is a meditation section for tracking your mood and reflecting throughout the day. If you’re looking for a straightforward habit tracking app, Proddy is an excellent option.

Download: Habit Tracker – Proddy for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

7. Rabbit: habit tracker and planner

The Rabit app offers a visually appealing way to track habits and grow adorable plants. First, select an area of focus like self-discipline, productivity, or health and create a simple habit to associate with it, such as checking your posture. Set reminders for the habit and choose a plant to care for.

Your progress is displayed on a habit line map, and your plant will grow or die based on your performance. Completing tasks earns virtual coins that can be used to upgrade the factory. The app is free, but upgrading to premium provides access to a to-do list and unlimited habit creation. If you enjoy virtual pets and want to make productivity fun, Rabit is the perfect app for you.

Download: Rabit: Habit Tracker & Planner for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

8. Tusk: Task and Habit Manager

Tusk is a customizable habit-tracking app that allows you to create flexible schedules with the option to skip certain tasks. With a simple interface, it’s easy to swipe right on tasks you’ve completed and left on tasks you’ve missed for the day, removing them from your Home screen.

Creating a new task is also simple. Choose whether it’s a one-time or recurring task, schedule it, and set reminders. You can even break down the task into subtasks and set a timer for each segment.

In addition to creating your own tasks, Tusk offers a variety of pre-made tasks for home business, financial management, education, and social needs. The statistics screen provides an overview of your progress over time.

The main app is free, but you can sync it with Google Calendar and unlock additional organizational features by upgrading. Removing ads is also an option. If you’re looking for a customizable and flexible habit-tracking app, Tusk is worth considering.

Download: Tusk: Task and Habits Manager for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Achieve your daily goals and objectives with productivity apps

Whether you have important goals to achieve or simply need a tool to organize your to-do list, there is a productivity app out there for you. These apps are designed to help you stay motivated and productive in different ways. Some allow you to grow cute plants, others let you customize your schedule, while others simplify your task management.

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