To expand beyond its text-centric roots, Twitter has been steadily introducing new features related to video content. From Spaces to longer videos, the platform has been embracing multimedia. Now, Twitter users can expect a host of upcoming video-related features, as hinted by Andrea Conway, the senior product designer at Twitter.

A New Video Menu on the Horizon

Conway recently shared an image on her Twitter profile, providing a sneak peek into a new video menu in the Twitter mobile app. The menu will offer various options for users while watching videos, including adding titles, adjusting playback speed, and even downloading the videos. Additionally, users will find it easier to share videos or report them on the platform.

Enhancing Video Capabilities to Compete

While some of these features already exist on Twitter, they are not easily accessible. This move indicates Twitter’s intention to take video content more seriously and compete with platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Conway also mentioned that Twitter plans to introduce support for picture-in-picture mode and resolution options, further enhancing the video experience for users.

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Anticipating the Arrival of New Features

The exact timeline for releasing these new video features on Twitter remains unknown. However, the announcement from one of the platform’s top designers has generated user excitement. The forthcoming enhancements promise to elevate Twitter’s status as a video platform, offering users a richer and more engaging experience.

Expanding Video Capabilities, but Limitations for Twitter Mac Users

Recently, Twitter has made strides in video content by introducing full-screen vertical videos, similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Moreover, the platform extended video upload limits to two hours for Blue followers. However, Twitter still falls short in supporting 4K videos, putting it at a disadvantage compared to YouTube.

Twitter Teases Upcoming Video Features, Aiming to Strengthen its Position as a Video Platform

Unfortunately, while these video features will likely be available for iOS and Android users, the same cannot be said for those who utilize Twitter on Mac. Chance Miller reports that the Mac app has not received updates in months and lacks several features. The future of Twitter’s Mac app remains uncertain, leaving Mac users with limited functionality.

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Conclusion: Twitter’s Commitment to Video Expansion

Twitter’s push to introduce new video features demonstrates its determination to evolve into a robust video platform. By offering enhanced video options, Twitter aims to compete with industry leaders and provide users with more engaging video content. While the arrival of these features brings excitement, Twitter Mac users face uncertainty regarding the future of their app experience.


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