TSMC has completed a manufacturing factory that will manufacture chips based on the next-generation technology – using a 3-nanometer process technology.

TSMC’s new manufacturing facility is located in Southern Taiwan Science Park near Tainan. The company intends to start mass production of chips in this factory using a 3nm manufacturing process in the second half of 2022. One of the first customers of the new technical process is expected to be Apple.

The planned expenses for the factory’s construction and equipment are called at the level of $ 19.5 billion. It is expected that the factory will provide an output of 55 thousand 300 mm wafers per month. Typically, the production capacity at TSMC factories exceeds 100 thousand wafers per month. Thus, it can be expected that over time, the new factory will increase production and also reach a production level of 100 thousand wafers per month.

The new 3nm FinFET manufacturing process is expected to deliver a 15% increase in productivity over the current 5nm process. It is also expected to reduce power consumption by 30% and increase component density by 70%. But the bottom line will largely depend on the specific architecture of the chips.

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Source: techpowerup

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